5G FOLDABLE LAUNCH. Suspended By Chinese Tech!


5G Foldable Launch

The suspension of Huawei 5G Foldable launch wasn’t good news for those hoping to lay their hands on the Mate X. According to reports from Shenzhen, it seems those already ripping days of their calendar would have to wait much longer – the phone was meant to be launch next month, but could be extended till November.

Currently, there are concerns over the delay, however, things are not clear why its launch should be extended. Though there are speculations it may be the screen and its fold, or something. Based on what we know, the company is aiming at November and yet not certain – but could only say it is certain the Mate X will be released before 2020 and this meant Christmas shopping.

Other tech giants in this field that are pushing in the same direction, such as Samsung would likely emerge first despite delaying its Galaxy Fold. Samsung delayed its Foldable – which came after several reviews regarding issues with the fold.

Currently, there seems to be light out of the tunnel – as regard Samsung, the company feels very confident it has fixed the problem associated with the foldable and its actual use, with launch expected next month.

Other emerging stories from the company indicate that the delay of Huawei 5G Foldable launch is based on the consideration of the company’s decision to add more glass at the back of the phone, while on the other hand, is the glass panels – which will potentially double as touchscreens, Huawei claimed.

These additional features, especially the glass panels and that at the back could practically influence the cost price. Meanwhile, there are suggestions the new features could result in a further extension of the phone launch.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of screens all-over the smartphone could practically turn it into all-screen.

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