ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD, Updated With New Features!


Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud apps for desktop that has been used by users to download other Creative Cloud apps have been completely redesigned by the company. This came as it’s been observed, the desktop app became a bit limited, however, the company is introducing a completely redesigned app that will practically integrate users Creative Cloud Libraries, while offering enhanced asset management and search features.

Based on this, it’s understood Adobe Creative Cloud has now moved from just software installed to a central command center for individual work across Creative Cloud apps. The expansion of this app will still have its core feature of the app that allows users to install the rest of the Creative Cloud tools, it maintained. This time, users can easily see what is in their libraries coupled with the update that offers a full-screen management tool that will allow users to preview their assets.

On the other hand is Adobe’s claim over its libraries enhancement, which the company says the libraries have been made easier while allowing users to share libraries with others. Meanwhile, the new apps are currently accessible in Germany, France, and Japan. While users in other regions, including the United States will start accessing the new version on their desktops from this week.

Current Adobe Creative Cloud – allow old users to update automatically or manually, which can be done with few clicks.

In another dimension, it has been figured out the new Adobe Creative Cloud also comes with a Tutorial Hub, features that will allow users to learn more about how to use different Creative Cloud apps. While the other one is the fonts that allow users to manage the software installed on their system, this was previously done via the web app, when you have searched and select your desired fonts you want to install. Check-out the app and tell us what you figured out.

  • What is your take on the new Adobe Creative Cloud app?