ALABAMA TORNADO. Wreaks Havoc In Lee County!


Alabama Tornado

The storms from Alabama tornado has wrecked havoc in Lee County. According to reports, lives and properties are said to have been lost.

These storms are formed by a rapidly spinning wind, tornado, however, occurs as an air mass rapidly spinning in a vertical funnel-shaped. The lower part at which the storms originate absorbs warm air from the surface of the earth in a spinning formation towards the cloud in a wider range known as a mesocyclone. The warn air spinning on high speed, collides with cold cloud in a violent spinning formation, conventionally is returned back to the earth’s surface as stormy rain. As the storm moves over a distance, it gains momentum, reason why Alabama tornado is able to cause catastrophic damage on lives and properties.

Alabama tornado struck yesterday around Beauregard, which is about ninety five (95) kilometers east of Alabama’s state capital, the storms moved at one hundred and sixty five (165) meters per hour, according to official reports from the National Weather Service (NWS). Meanwhile, officials has warned people to stay away from damaged areas as this is seen as most devastating tornado around Beauregard.

According to reports, about three thousand (3,000) customers are without power supply across Alabama, most in Lee County. In Georgia also, twenty one thousand (21,000) customers has been cut off from electricity supply as of the time of this report, while survey teams on Monday were deployed to assess the extent of damage caused by Alabama tornado.

Twenty three (23) people were confirmed dead, while death toll so far have been in Lee County, as authorities work tirelessly to identify bodies, and had people pulled out of rubble, while one of the dead in Beauregard according to family members is just eight years old. Based on reports, Alabama Medical Centre is currently treating more than forty (40) people injured as a result of extreme weather condition while the numbers of casualties are meant to increase. Responding to the outcome of tornado’s impact on Lee County, coroner Bill Harris said, “We’ve never had a mass fatality situation that I can remember, like this in my life”. Homes and businesses destroyed in Lee County by tornado’s impact.

The governor of Alabama responded in a tweet to those affected by extreme weather, “our hearts goes out to those who lost their lives in the storms that hit Lee County today. Praying for their families and everyone whose homes or businesses were affected”.

United States President ‘Donald Trump’ also tweeted, “Please be careful and safe”. Lastly, prayers to those affected by Alabama tornado.

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