AMAZON PARTNER’S, India’s Second-Largest Retailer!


Amazon Partner's

In a bid to push through India’s retail chain, Amazon partner’s with the country’s second-largest retailer – viewed as a move from the e-commerce giant in widening its geographical area of service, aimed at one of its vital oversea markets. India is practically precious to Amazon, knowing that it stands as Asia and the world’s second-most populous nation.

Both parties on Monday announced they have entered into a long-term business agreement that will stretch through Future Retail’s stores via Amazon India marketplace. Until now, Future Retail is yet to exert its online present despite operating more than 1,500 stores across India. Should the agreement impact positively! Amazon will lay its footprint as intended.

The agreement will see Amazon India as an authorized online sales channel for Future Retail stores, which will also include department and grocery stores ‘Bazaar and lifestyle food superstore Foodhall. While in the same vein, Future Retail which has attracted over 350 million customers a year on its network as of the time of their agreement will list its items on Amazon’s delivery platform, readily operational in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and not excluding Bengaluru.

As Amazon partner’s with Future Retail, it’s understood the later will augment its existing store infrastructures as an outlet that will be used to facilitate its product packaging and pickup ordered online. This is based on the fact that the subject companies will practically focus on grocery, which has been Amazon’s primary focus in India – fashion, beauty products, and apparel.

In a bid to ascertain their claim, the two giants have already gone ahead to launch online retail outlets services across twenty-two stores which they said their early results have been pretty “encouraging”.

Also in another dimension, a part of Future Retail known as Future Consumer also entered a long-term partnership with Amazon with the aim of securing an online distribution via Amazon. However, this section of the company offers a wide range of food, personal care, home care, and beauty products.

A good number of in-house brands emerging from Future Retail include Voom for fabric care, Kara for personal care, Tasty Treat for snacks, Mother Earth for organic staple, Karmiq for dry fruits, Dreamery for dairy, and not excluding CleanMate for household cleaning.

Responding to this development, Future Retail Chairman and Managing Director ‘Kishore Biyani’ made it clear that the partnership will potentially “allow us to build upon each other’s strengths in the physical and digital space so that customers benefit from the best services, products, assortment, and price”.

While on the other hand, Amazon partnership is happening days after India’s largest retailer, Reliance Retail had just begun its e-commerce venture ‘JioMart’.

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