AMAZON UNPACK, A Bunch Of Updates In Its Home Products!


Amazon Unpack

The latest event from the e-commerce giant saw Amazon unpack a bunch of updates in its popular home products. The e-commerce giant pulled a surprise as the company announced that its long-awaited new game-streaming platform – Luna is set to file out against Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud. Irrespective of the pandemic, it’s coming ahead of the holiday shopping season.


It’s important we itemize each of these updates as we ride from its Echo that wouldn’t resist your desk or any flattop next to your bed. The e-commerce giant kick-started its hardware showcase by unveiling the latest version of the company’s Echo devices, which comes stylishly with the inclusion of spherical speakers (while a version for kids features cute animal design). In the same vein, the company also updated more personalized Echo capabilities coupled with a new tracking feature for its Show 10 that enable Facebook’s Portal in its capacity to follow users as they walk around a room.

The Show 10 which comes with a 10-inch HD display, 2.1 speaker system, 13-megapixel camera, and a swiveling base, which uses an Amazon made central processing unit to understand the room and move the screen in the direction where a person is standing (similar to that of Facebook Portal mentioned earlier) is the key feature of the $249 device.

The latest Echo means the cylindrical-shaped type would no longer be accessible, with the lights been moved to the bottom coupled with included round buttons on top. Also to note is the Echo speaker line which equally got an upgrade.  

The new Echo which comes with combined features of the previous Echo and Echo Plus is available at $99. Meanwhile, Echo Dot, sphere-like in shape and at about half the size of the full-size Echo costs $49 and $59 for the clock version. This version also has a kids version, equipped with default features to be used by children, which comes in fun animal prints and cost $59.99. and not to exclude in this line of Amazon unpack is the Alexa software upgrade, its new capabilities allow it to become more personalized, with this, it can now ask clarifying questions that will, in turn, use this data to interact with the user later.


The ring is pulling a lot in its update as part of Amazon unpack, which sees the security camera company update its hardware with the Always Home Cam, a drone-like device that could be scheduled by users to fly within assigned paths. The company equally released new hardware for the autonomous market which comes in different forms that are focused on car owners. A typical example is the Ring Car Alarm that provides core features that function with the Ring app by sending alerts to trigger a series of potential responses. The Ring Car Alarm will retail for $59.99.

On the other hand is the Car Cam, which allows users to check in on their car via video provided they’re within the range of a Wi-Fi network, or with the aid of Ring’s LTE companion plan. This also comes with an emergency crash Assist feature that alerts first responders coupled with a recording feature that turns on when a user says “Alexa, I’m being pulled over”. Amazon Alexa hardware integrates with other Ring devices and connects with the aid of Amazon’s low-bandwidth Sidewalk wireless network protocol. The Car Cam and Car Connect is said to be available at $199.99.

Amazon Game Streaming

This was actually the last thing Amazon announced in the company’s unpacked event, a new game-streaming platform, tagged Luna. Luna is said to be the long-awaited gaming competitor to Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud, which is launching an early access version at the price of $5.99 per month.

The initial stage of the Luna+ app will have more than 50 titles, which will include at least a Sonic title and Remedy Entertainment’s control. Users will be able to stream titles wirelessly without downloading games and will be able to play via the web across PC, Mac, and iOS platforms.

Amazon New Way To Fire TV

Amazon Unpack

Last on this is the company’s TV platform, this equally got a good number of updates. The biggest is the inclusion of the latest low-cost Fire TV Lite, which promises a 50 percent faster, a new and improved layout coupled with Video Calling, equally, this new Fire TV Stick is available at $39.99.

What’s your take on Amazon unpacked products?