ANDROID 10 RELEASED, For Supported Phones & Beta!


Android 10 released

Android 10 released by the internet and tech giant ‘Google’, this came based on its announcement, while on the other hand, the new OS will practically not be available for all Android users. This is because Android latest would only be available for phones that would practically support the latest version Google’s OS release, while phones that were supported with beta phase will equally receive their updates in no time as regard Android 10.

Meanwhile, it’s after a Google update is enabled in your device, you will be able to figure out if your phone is at that point running on the latest version. This is because most of its new features are often hidden, and the lookout here (Android 10 version) is the dark mode as a result of its promising feature.

While one other major update with Android 10 release is the gesture navigation, though optional, and this implies that you could still continue with the three-button navigation. But that isn’t the tinkling feature, the ‘Dark Mode’ – and this meant your new dark theme is available for your night view. The essence of the dark mode is basically for the conservation of your device battery life, precisely for your OLED phone while a number of Apps enabling your Calendar and Photos would be supported.

Should most Apps automatically switch to ‘dark theme’! That meant good for your phone battery life. But at the moment, Gmail isn’t offering dark mode as Fit does, although good numbers of Apps aren’t running on dark mode.

There are other updates from the latest OS that should be enabled virtually on all messaging apps, like the ‘Smart Relay’ that practically suggests actions to be taken for your notifications. In situation a when a notification has a link, options are, you could be opening the link in Chrome, based on Smart Relay suggestion, but if it has to do with address – notification could practically take to Google Maps.

Funny enough, Android 10 release comes with native support for foldable phones, however, there aren’t foldable phones at the moment. Should ‘Samsung Galaxy Fold’ or ‘Huawei Foldable’ get launched, then this feature will become useful.

This shows Google has delivered ahead of other tech giants in teams of OS, while it’s understood the new OS offers optional features, like the updated gesture control.

Prior to our analysis on privacy and security feature, there are two features predominantly for Google phone (Pixel) and the first is the ‘Focus Mode’, which allow users to silence particular applications for some time, while the other is the ‘Live Caption’ which automatically caption audio and videos across all Apps, but predominantly for Pixel phones.

Lastly, is the security and privacy features – which enable data to be shared on location with Apps while in use, while the Privacy section allows users to gain access and manage their App and web history, and in the process structure their ad settings for a precise location. However, there are other features you would figure out in the process of using Google’s new version.

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