ANDROID AUTO, New Version Emerges From Google!


Android Auto

Android Auto, a new version of the in-car platform from Google is currently available according to reports, which is designed for easier and safer use of drivers. ‘Android Auto’ was first launched in 2015, which is an operating system, and amazingly, the same year its rival ‘Apple’ launched its in-car platform known as ‘Apple CarPlay.

The ‘Android Auto’ is an HMI layer that is embedded on top of an operating system, however, it is structured with the feel of a smartphone OS, situated at the vehicle’s central screen. This version comes with color accents, a dark theme and of course, a new font which enhances the opportunities to interact with Google’s virtual assistant.

Initially, automakers did hesitate to integrate Android Auto into their vehicles, equally that of Apple CarPlay. But eventually gave it a try. However, statistics have it that over a thousand car models of different products, today, have this installed, product manager ‘Rod Lopez’ said.

Individuals who already have Android Auto enabled in their vehicles are expected to experience the new design in the next couple of weeks. But there are limitations with the new version, based on the fact that it can’t be updated on a smartphone App – standalone – that allowed users to access the platform, in the event that their cars weren’t compatible with the new in-car platform, and with that, Google has promised in future it will “evolve” the standalone App to the Assistant’s new driving mode.

Important changes from this operating system could be seen, an advancement that enables the drivers to use their voice and not use their hands with the aid of the new in-car platform. This also includes the Google Assistant badge, which provides information about the weather and access to the calendar.

The OS is designed with features that will allow users to launch their favorite App, and the button that enables you to do this is located at the bottom-left of the screen. As soon as that is available, the App icons will be seen with the most commonly used ones in the top row, the navigation bar sits at the bottom of the screen, and in the process allows users to manage the number of Apps, and you will be sure with your Spotify listing.

In another development from Google, it has developed Android Automotive OS which will run on Linux, which is modified to be used in cars, not on smartphones or tablets.

  • Is your vehicle Android Auto enabled? Go for an updated version!