ANDROID GIANT PLEDGES, Grants For Covid-19 Vaccine!


Android Giant Pledges
Image Credit: Google

To facilitate the vaccine program, the Android giant pledges grants that will also include its facilities for Covid-19 vaccine distribution in the United States as part of measures taken by the Search and Android giant to curb the pandemic.  This comes as Google team up with other several tech giants, precisely large corporations such as Walmart, Microsoft, Amazon, and not excluding Starbucks that have also pledged to support health providers and local government agencies to help speed up the vaccination process.

It’s understood the U.S. is one of the countries that has been terribly hit by this pandemic, as such, faced with high mortality, yet her health system has remained resilient. Thanks to Covid-19 bailouts.

According to Google’s announcement, it said it will today pledge Ad grants and funding valued up to $150 million to health organizations coupled with public health agencies in a bid to promote vaccine education. As part of the company’s effort, it will also provide support for vaccine distribution by making the company’s facilities accessible, such as parking lots and buildings.

More so, as the Android giant pledges such grants, it’s also important to note here that Google isn’t alone in this program, while at the moment, it’s partnering with One Medical and public health authorities to open vaccination sites within Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area located in California; Washington, Kirkland, and New York City, equally, more sites is reportedly planned in the U.S. but dependent on vaccine availability. Based on this, the company’s Intelligent Vaccine Impact platform is been deployed in the area of logistics planning for vaccine distribution.

On the other hand is the funding, about $100 million will be mapped-out as part of Google’s Ad Grants Crisis Relief program for the non-profits entities like the CDC Foundation and the World Health Organization, while another $50 million will be invested – it made it clear that “in partnership with public health agencies to reach underserved communities with vaccine-related content and information”. It has been reported also that the Android giant in its has equally committed about $5 million in grants to bodies focused on access to vaccines among people of color in addition to rural areas.

What’s your take as the Android giant pledges grants in respect to Covid-19 vaccination?