ANDROID SPOTIFY LITE, Now Launched In 36 Countries!


Android Spotify Lite

Recently, Android Spotify lite gained ground with its official launch in thirtysix countries, which consist of all continents on the globe. However, reports have it that the Application is structured to perform excellently on half-baked or weak internet connections, even at 10MB.

The advantage of this application is that it is small enough to carter for low-end devices that are old with limited storage capacity, such as old phones. However, for a better understanding of Spotify lite, it’s understood to be limited to Android devices running 4.3 versions or its latest, which is available for paid and free users. Meanwhile, some people may be worried about how their data plan could be structured, but there is a solution to that, and the application is structured with an optional limit that notifies you when an individual is close to its benchmark.

There are claims from Spotify that ninety percent of the properties of its main App are available in Lite, most importantly, areas of multiple, that include cover artist and video, of course, are omitted as they are not critical to the core or vital experience. According to reports based on Android Spotify lite, it is understood there are no plans yet to incorporate the lite experience on iOS, and this means the majority that will benefit from this application would be Android users.

On the other hand, the overall goal of Spotify and its expansion is to reach beyond its current users, as it focuses on emerging markets or older users. The company that develops Android Spotify Lite claims at the moment, two hundred and seventeen million (217 million) users, which is understood, that, hundred million (100 million) are on a paid plan, while Apple Music has only passed sixty million, in June.

Reports have it that India would potentially be the company’s core area of focus, though Spotify introduced Lite in India in June, which was a couple of months after its full service went live in India. Reports from Google Play Store data based on Spotify Lite showed it has been downloaded more than a million times, however, it is expected to see the number increase on a huge scale as a result of Town promoting Lite, which is a tactic of its service.

Lastly on Spotify lite, is its popularity on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Messenger, particularly in emerging markets where inconsistencies with data speed, coupled with lower-end devices is prevalent.

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