APPLE CARD, Is A Few Weeks On The Verge Of Launch!


Apple Card

A recent development from Bloomberg proves Apple Card is set to be unveiled, and the launch of this credit card is said to happen very soon. However, it will first be available for Apple customers in the United States, and that means those customers should be able to place their orders in the early stage after it has been officially launched.

Meanwhile, other emerging stories first considered a rumor indicate most recently updated iOS contains all the necessary features required by the Apple Card, with this, the tech giant is expected to establish a separate server that will enable the launch process. Equally, a couple of weeks ago, Bloomberg in like manner gave a report which states that Apple’s retail employees have been able to access the card, also have tested it prior to the date it will be officially launched.

There are lots of benefits when a person uses the Card for any purchase, by using the card you stand the chance of gaining 1% when payments are made with the card, 2% if the payment is made through its application ‘Apple Pay’ and payback is optimize when it’s a direct Apple product, meaning you could use it for other purchase. Also, be informed that the cashback is credited directly to your card.

In another dimension, reports have it that Apple only control the user experience, while ‘Goldman Sachs’ is fully responsible for the management of the banking infrastructure. This is because Apple specifically partnered with ‘Goldman Sachs’ for its United States customers based on the credit card. This card could be accessed on your iPhone via its Wallet App. Not only will the card be used on Apple Pay, but the titanium card is also used on the MasterCard network.

In addition to the card’s features, unlike other credit cards, the card comes without numbers imprinted on it, and in turn, enhances its security. But in a situation when you’re making an online purchase that does not support Apple Pay, it automatically fetches a virtual card number from its Wallet App.

Finally, from here, Apple pulling such an innovative idea is a push to tech giants, it could potentially help if other tech giants would follow suit by developing similar devices and applications, which would in turn increase sales of their products.

  • I hope you don’t mind finding out when it will be used in your country?