APPLE iOS 13, Just Got Updated With New Features


Apple iOS 13

The update of Apple iOS 13 with a feature it called “Face Time Attention Correction” from its latest iOS developer ‘beta’, and from all indications there could be a huge difference when we consider making actual Face Time calls, this comes with an impression of someone talking to a person in reality. The features figured out in the third beta of the new software recently updated, that was actually made public last week, does a fantastic job of making it look like one is looking directly into the camera even at a point when one is looking at the screen while making a FaceTime call.

A huge development indeed from Apple, this because, when people communicate via FaceTime, the practically look at the screen to observe rather than the device camera. But the primary reason of communicating through this medium and with this application is to see the person you are talking to, rather than focus on the small black lens at the top of one’s device (tablet r Smartphone).

It is also understood, the updated Apple iOS 13 feature only restricted to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max respectively. This means it could only work with the latest camera technology available on Apple hardware devices. The latest development could be a result of the new image signal processor which was included lately by Apple in its A12 processor that potentially powers its iPhone XS and XS Max respectively. This is seen as a source of improvement over the previous generation phones in terms of HDR and portrait lighting effects.

There are also expectations, Apple iOS 13 update and features could arrive in any of its iOS beta released that could be extended to other devices or could disappear before iOS 13 is actually launch. People hope it remains, based on the distinctive features of its sense of “presence”, importantly for its FaceTime calls.

  • What is your take on the Apple iOS 13 update and features?