APPLE MACBOOK AIR. 2020 Review Of Best Mac Laptop!


Apple MacBook Air

2020 review of Apple MacBook Air reassures the MacBook Air the cheapest Apple laptop, with the new version it became obvious that price is not everything but the fixing of the machine’s biggest flaws. However, the laptop is considered the most useful, comfortable, and reliable machine that feels good to deliver your task anywhere.

Speaking of the system’s performance, the 2020 MacBook Air is built with Intel Core i3 dual-core chip processor, running at 1.1GHz. But this doesn’t sound like a fast wizard, though is really fast for an average use couple with the fact that it’s a new-generation chip. Also, looking at the most important element of performance, general computer use is single-core speed and this is because not all tasks actually use all of your computer cores at once.

The use of extremely fast storage chips deployed by Apple in opening apps or files makes it really fast. While on the other hand, the Intel Turbo Boost technology which is an indication that high proportions of laptops are relatively fast as each other and MacBook Air suits perfectly well. However, the subject laptop is very fast when it comes to tasks like light photo editing, document editing, and browsing the web.

One will need to worry over MacBook Air if your primary reason for a laptop will require a lot of intensive tasks, this sees this cheaper Air slightly behind the curve on performance for multi-core tasks. Meaning when it comes to multi-core performance, precisely for tasks like video exports or compressing of files – the cheap Air is clearly a weak system.

Looking at Apple MacBook Air performance measurement, boot fast in use – precisely when turning the system on from standby, and partly when opening files while the fingerprint recognition respond pretty fast, in all, you don’t need to wait that long in order to allow those delay in loading. However, the graphics upgrade is also nice but far from a gaming laptop, but one can play games like Skylines or a bit of Fortnite smoothly. Also, the graphics power has been improved by 50% over the last model couple with the fact that the graphics chip is also useful for video and apps while excluding the processor’s power.

The system battery capacity is pretty nice but not outstanding. As figured out, for instance, Google Hangouts drain battery faster than just typing, here Apple claim you get 11 hours out of MacBook Air, but has to be when the screen is set fairly dim while working very light.

The Price and Features of Apple MacBook Air

The price of the subject laptop starts at $999, and that is for the 2020 review model. Despite upgrades, the system price dropped compared to the previous versions. And the model with this price includes a dual-core 10th-generation Intel processor that is a bit faster than previous Airs, which includes 256GB of storage instead of the 128GB that came with the last Air. And also offer some creative apps and games.

As for those who have extra cash to spend, there is another model that offers a quad-core processor instead of dual-core, the price $1,299 with double storage of 512GB. But you could still choose to configure the $999 laptop processor to quad-core and the storage to even up to 2TB for just $100 and that is if you don’t want to spend the full amount for the higher model.

The subject laptop is structured with two Thunderbolt 3 ports, which practically double as USB-C ports in addition to a 3.5mm headphone jack. Also, the system has a 13-inch Retina display, paired with impressive stereo speakers that provide a good sense of audio separation especially when you’re watching a video.

Meanwhile, the models of the new Apple MacBook Air come with 8GB of RAM, which is nice for standard use, but if you intend working with very large documents, it’s important you take appropriate measure by stepping up the RAM to 16GB (the maximum), and this could only be achieved before purchase, meaning you can’t add more RAM after you’ve purchased.

The new machine has one external design considered as the most important update to the whole system, and that is the new keyboard. The tech giant has finally moved its unreliable ‘Butterfly’ keyboard to the latest ‘Magic Keyboard’ which debuted on the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Lastly, the subject machine comes in Grey, Gold, and Silver color.

What is your take on Apple MacBook Air 2020?