BAD COMPANY, A Gathering Of Obvious Societal Concern!


Bad company

As pears hang out precisely those of like minds, the immediate society is often left with a number of questions – the kind of gathering, if a bad company – they’re obviously braced with quite a different matter. Owing to the fact that such companies in all their virtual forms create unnecessary societal unrest, and more significantly unhealthy atmosphere which could eventually become a potential outcome even when the immediate fears are not of course completely verified.

Going forward, idleness, as we know is one thing, if not the core contributing factor of the subject, moreover, inflation hasn’t helped in this regard. And this is because when active persons are not usefully engaged, their story wouldn’t be far from societal nuisance. Hence, this poses a lot of threats to citizens and residence within the subject areas of concern. Meanwhile, let put this nicely down, while we’re concerned about reputation irrespective of our socio-economic status, it will also be a good thing to disengage with people of poor moral conduct.

“To be of good quality, you have to excuse yourself from the presence of shallow and callow minded individuals.”― Michael Bassey Johnson

One will agree that an anticipated outcome regarding the subject may not have resulted in raising an eyebrow if the attitudinal behavior of these individuals weren’t viewed as morally bad from societal justification. In view of this, it would have been fair if the gathering of these set of people were far from obvious concerns of irresponsible acts for instance and if seen as a potential concern, could be viewed as another matter precisely when the subject areas of concern are in close proximity with residential, institutions, and economic areas. Such a situation poses a lot of questions that could point to uncertainties, precisely the safeness of such entities as well as the wellbeing of the concerned occupants while noting the aim of the subject illegal acts isn’t anywhere close to prediction. Also, there are a number of self-cultivated habits including those emulated from a peer group, traced to idleness and poor parental control that could if not at all times lead one to a horrible crime.

“Plantations of good morals are easily captivated, colonized and corrupted by the pests of a bad company. Spray away bad companies and you will experience a bumper harvest of your dream fruits!” ― Israelmoreayivor

In another dimension, a lot of issues could evolve, such as unverified actions being blown out of proportion though dependent on a number of factors. Yet, the gathering of bad companies hasn’t in any way helped to curb the activities of rapists and drug addicts, which for obvious reason the law enforcement authorities like the police have ensured they didn’t shy away from doubling down their acts of cracking down on such activities. But sadly enough, in the process of arresting bad eggs, the innocent are apprehended and jailed, and this has not helped at all. Further on this, systematic endless awaiting trial in place have also ensured the situation of things is proven a lot more difficult. However, let’s take a look at this case.


The subject victim explained how it all started. A craft man who specialized in welding fabrication precisely – construction and installation of water storage tanks for clients that are in need, being an extrovert who often hangs out with friends but never cared about their source of income.

Sadly on a faithful day, the ugly side of his story emerged when his so-called friends he often hangs out with carried out a robbery operation, while in the process they were identified though they had their way and escaped. However, during the police investigation, the police moved and arrested all potential suspects and Mr. Obinna was linked. Eventually, Obinna somehow got informed about the robbery operation and more significantly – those involved, with that in mind he fled his resident prior to police arrest. So after weeks, the subject victim returned to his residence, thinking everything ought to have been cleared, unfortunately, the police tracked him and had him arrested, as this occurred after the police had apprehended one of the robbers who had testified to the police that Mr. Obinna is someone familiar to the sect, and that was how Obinna found himself behind bars.

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