BARCELONA-BASED CODEOP, Raises €320 Thousand!


Barcelona-Based Codeop

Europe: A Barcelona-based Codeop has raised a seed round of about €320k understood to be in excess of its initial target – €260k. The school was founded in 2008 by ‘Katrina Walker’, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, however, CodeOp is the first and only coding school located in the City of Barcelona for women and the transgender community.

The school (CodeOp) is designed to offer beginners and advanced level boot camps to students, also aimed at equipping them with the right skills required to stand out as leading developers and data engineers in their respective fields. The first international coding school for women and the transgender community currently has campuses in Barcelona and the capital of Malaysia.

Responding to this development, the founder ‘Katrina Walker’ said: “There are a lot of statistics associated with women in tech”. Adding that, “It’s one thing to hear about them, and another to experience them firsthand. That personal experience is the driving force behind our work. We want to share the power of technical knowledge with folks who’ve traditionally not been encouraged to pursue tech and we believe that – if you build it, they will come. We are seeing doubledigit application numbers come in by the week, barely a year since opening. It highlights just how much coding schools like us are needed in this space and will help shape the future of tech recruitment”.

In another dimension, considering the level of disparity in the tech industry, it’s been figured out, that all-women coding school make up less than one percent (1%) of the global coding schools, and is also a contributing factor. However, the aim of the Barcelona campus is to foster a supportive learning environment that will practically encourage and equip the minority with potentials that will make them become leading developers and data engineers.

The Barcelona-based Codeop has received applications from different countries, currently more than 45 countries according to reports. In a broader spectrum, the school also works with individuals and global communities across and beyond the gender spectrum with the aim of a growing network of people with a good understanding of what these groups are faced with. The school has received support from homosexuals (Lesbians) and has established a partnership with global companies like Oracle.

An investor ‘Gabriel Herrero-Beaumont’ in his response to the Barcelona-based Codeop, said: “I have a daughter and I want her to have the same opportunities”, adding that, “Investing in CodeOp is a way to help level the playing field for women in tech. Katrina has an outstanding profile with strong tech expertise and business execution. You can feel her deep respect for education, and responsibility to achieve excellence. It is incredible how much she has achieved in such a short period of time”. – EU Startup.

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