Beams Raises Additional €2.5M For Its Audio Social Media!


Beams Raises
Image Credit: Beams

Unlike notable social media platforms which connect people with the aid of images and videos likes. Beams, an audio-based platform founded in Berlin in 2020 is poised to bring people more closer in a different dimension, however, it comes as Beams raised an additional €2.5 million led by U.S-based TheVentureCity, bringing its total seed round to €5 million.

As the social media landscape appears to be increasingly criticized on the basis of losing sight of the people and personalities behind the media platform, an innovative audio-based social media platform is taken the bull by the horn by scaling to position itself at the forefront of the new social media era, which is defined by authenticity and connections, going forward, is Beams’s radical vision to transform the social media sphere, while deploying a social voice app that swaps out “likes” and followers for authentic conversations with the aid of short voice notes.

The subject social platform is a space designed to bring people together and share diverse views on different trends and interests, which allow people to post up to 90 seconds of voice recording into groups that cut across in-app or on the web, yet open to everyone or private. Something unique about this is the format that lets a user hear voices from the street, drop recorded thoughts and responses when users desire, in addition, one can find experts’ daily news sharing or observation in an easy-to-consume way.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that the subject company evolved through notable firms and personalities that have made a significant impact in this space, and this is because, the audio social platform is led by former Soundcloud, Spotify, and N26 employees, with this, Beams is believed to be a platform that was designed by the minds that have helped shape a number of today’s leading audio and tech products. However, the team had previously built digital audio experiences for a renowned artist JR. The art installations are reportedly documented over 3,000 voices telling personal stories that are presented at San Francisco’s MoMA, New York’s Brooklyn Museum coupled with a TIME cover story.

Moreover, it should be borne in mind that the subject platform was founded during the pandemic which led to social distance and increased digital connection, based on this, it was borne in the mind of the founder to bring people more closer through a medium that will provide real and authentic conversations via a social platform without needing to create content for popularity and “likes”. As such, it’s evident Beams raising the subject funds is also proof of extensive expertise that is behind the company’s success.

In the meantime, Beams have so far been able to command over 5,000 topic groups, which include groups that cut across groups with thousands of members, since its launch earlier this year. Beams, based in Berlin, is already going global, as the fully-remote team function currently across Europe, the U.S, and the UK.

With this, the co-founder and co-CEO ‘Alan Sternberg’ said: “Today when divisive content easily goes viral on social media, many people are longing for places that embrace sharing and listening to diverse voices and views. Adding that, “We designed Beams to make it easier to create and participate in real conversations through a collaborative short audio format. Listening to real people, through real voices, helps all of us better understand what is unfolding around us in society. That’s the magic we already see Beams creating”.

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