BELL VTOL CARGO CRAFT, APT 70 Makes Its 1st Flight!


Bell VTOL Cargo Craft

The Bell VTOL cargo craft otherwise known as Autonomous Pod Transport 70 has successfully performed a major flight, covering a large distance during its autonomous flight test – understood to be its Forth Worth proving ground. This is an aircraft built with four rotors structured in a rectangular form if measured in its vertical position is above five feet (5ft).

The aircraft is precisely designed to undergo vertical take-off and landing, which is propelled by its four rotors, for vertical lifting and horizontal movement in the air. While in the air could maneuver in different directions, and having its rotors positioned in horizontal form enables the aircraft to cover a great distance at amazing speed with object onboard.

The maximum speed of Bell VTOL cargo craft is above 100 meters per hour (100m/h), capable of carrying 70 pounds weight. This aircraft could be deployed in the area of humanitarian and rescue missions, which also include package delivery service. This is as a result of its switching orientation from vertical to horizontal movement. However, it’s a model the company (Bell) hope would eventually emerge as a small autonomous commercial cargo aircraft.

Meanwhile, Bell’s objective with its aircraft (Autonomous Pod Transport 70) is to practically simulate a commercial mission, which is understood as part of the NASA Systems Integration and Operationalization demo which is expected to take effect at the middle of 2020. The aim of the event is to publicize how this aircraft could be deployed on the basis of centralized command and control, and obstacle avoidance technology.

If one is asked, of what importance would it be in the area of commercial service! This can be seen as a great achievement in the readiness of autonomous aircraft for commercial purposes in countries like the United States. Meanwhile, the company is equally working hard in order to collaborate with a Japanese logistics company ‘Yamato’ on the basis of service delivery.

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