BLOCK TRADE DEAL. As U.S Warn Against Border Dispute!


Block Trade Deal

US: Congress says it will block trade deal with the United Kingdom if Brexit affects the Irish border and the exiting peace in Northern Ireland, which is said to take effect with any future trade deal between the two countries.

Prior to this development, the new British Prime minister ‘Boris Johnson’ had earlier presented the United States with a trade deal in a bid to offset the economic costs of exiting the European Union, and in the process, the United States president ‘Donald Trump’ in his response said, both countries could strike “a very substantial trade agreement” which would potentially step up trade “four or five times”.

It’s understood ‘Donald Trump’ would practically not be able to push through a hostile Congress based on agreement. However, it is also expected to see strong opposition to any trade deal with the United Kingdom, if there be any threat to the 1998 Good Friday agreement, and the open border between the Northern Ireland and the Republic, could this occur, the Congress will block trade deal with the UK.

‘Boris Johnson’ rose to power as the new British Prime minister, while in the process of striking a new deal with the European Union placed a demand for the EU to drop the backstop, with the intention of safeguarding the exiting open border after the UK leaves the EU, but has recently become an issue of concern in the U.S. Congress, in which the U.S. is its guarantor and has taken a stand to defend it.

Reports from a co-chair of the 54-strong Friends of Ireland caucus in Congress ‘Richard Neal’ in his response said: “The American dimension to the Good Friday agreement is indispensable”, which is aimed at holding up an indefinite trade deal.

And he also added, “We oversee all trade agreements as part of our tax jurisdiction”, and that such complex trade deal could stretch four or five years without the issue of Northern Ireland.

I would have little enthusiasm for entertaining a bilateral trade agreement with the United Kingdom if they were to jeopardize the agreement”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson has refused to meet the European Union leaders one-on-one until the issue of a backstop is dropped.

The United States has for the past eight months engage in trade ratification with Canada and Mexico, based on the new trade agreement, which was seen by Donald Trump as extraordinary achievement, but relating that with the UK, a representative said, the United Kingdom’s trade deal would potentially face tougher challenges.

Reports based on trade analysis from the New York Republican said that “first of all trade deals are always difficult”. Also, “there’s any number of other labor and environmental issues that get brought up. But to have a solid block on one particular issue would make it very, very difficult to get it through Congress unless the border issue is resolved”.

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