BORIS JOHNSON MANIFESTO, Initial Campaign Speech!


Boris Johnson Manifesto

Boris Johnson manifesto (campaign launched) in order to become the next British Prime minister, this took place yesterday morning. In the process, the former foreign minister was first introduced by a presenter who in the process emphasized the need and the kind of candidate needed at this time. He made it clear with these words, indispensable requirements, first, these are extraordinary times and we need a personality big enough, strong enough and with political imagination to rise to the historic challenge which our country is now confronting. Secondly, there must be a determination to provide political leadership a managerial and bureaucratic approach to politics will not survive.

Finally, he said on behalf of the Conservative, “We need a leader who can unify the Conservative family and out-campaign and out-fight ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ and ‘Nigel Farage’ at any time and any corner of our country”.

A good number of the Tory leaders are currently campaigning for the position while on the other hand Labour win in the by-election coupled with the call of general elections could have deepened issues.

Boris Johnson manifesto, began his campaign by greeting everyone as he thanked those present, he began with “Gentlemen and ladies, it is the measure of the resilience of this country that seeks the vote to leave the European Union and in defined some predictions, the economy has grown much faster than the rest of Europe and unemployment is falling to the lowest level since 1972, export seen. English football teams won the EUFA Champions League and the EUFA cup by beating other English football teams”.

The economy witnessed 1.3 trillion pound investment, a prof of tremendous growth.

He went on to remind them of the initial aim of Brexit, why the people voted to leave the European Union, the people need courage, resolution. The reasons for the Brexit, it wasn’t just about democracy, “that was fundamental” it wasn’t about immigration, let people return unreasonably, but want it national control. “And I think I understood some of the feelings of those who wanted to leave, they wanted to behead, and they wanted to feel that they too can be part of the astonishing success of this country”.

Boris Johnson manifesto was a call on all sides as he said, “So is now time to unite this country and unit the society. After three years and two missed deadlines we must leave the European Union on the 31st October”.

During Boris Johnson’s manifesto, he added, “We must do better than the withdrawal agreement that has been rejected three times by parliaments, let me clear the line, I am not aiming for a no-deal outcome. I don’t think we will end up with any such thing”. We need to propel rigorously and seriously for a no-deal.

  • Is Boris Johnson manifesto the way out the European Union as Brexit heats up?

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