BORIS JOHNSON MEETS, Irish PM Over A Deal & Backstop!


Boris Johnson Meets

BREXIT: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets Irish PM ‘Leo Varadkar’ with the aim of seeking a deal and addressing the issue of the backstop. While addressing the press, questions where asked, and one of them was that of parliament disagreement.

When asked, how he could convince his counterpart ‘Leo Varadkar’ that you have the power to get anything through parliament?

Answering, Mr. Johnson made it clear that Brexit has been extended for too long, but the European Union wants it done, and he equally wants it done. Adding that the parliament will practically see the wisdom of respecting the referendum result and that the UK will leave on October 31, and that is what the people want.

He also claims he is “undaunted” by parliament opposition to his strategy, insisting that the British people want him to deliver Brexit, and in the process “manage down” expectations. 

In Dublin, as Boris Johnson meets Leo Varadkar – the two Prime Ministers also claim that Brexit has dominated the British and Irish politics for far too long.

Meanwhile, emerging reports from Evans indicates, the government tabling a vote of no confidence in itself, or the government passing a single bill that will result in an early election. Adding that, Mr. Johnson may not have the backing of the parliament, but have the backing of the public.

These scenarios are problematic in a way, but Evans insists he will be standing alongside the British prime minister in order to deliver what the people voted for. While it’s understood there are parliaments against the people.

Responding to this, former lord chancellor ‘David Gauke’ in his tweet said that, “the plan to try to sabotage any letter sent to the EU requesting a Brexit delay with a second hostile letter would not work”.

Adding that sending two letters to the EU “carries no weight”.

The consensus view in the legal world is that it’s pretty watertight” based on the act passed by Parliament in order to prevent a no-deal.

While emerging reports from today’s Daily Telegraph, indicate that Mr. Johnson is considering a new version of the “two contradictory letters strategy” which is aimed at confounding the new law passed by parliament requiring him to request an article 50 extension, on the basis of his failure to agree on a Brexit deal by 19 October, and if MPs have not voted to agree on no-deal.

Other reports emerging from the Telegraph says: “Boris Johnson has drawn up plans to ‘sabotage’ any Brexit extension without breaking the law”. Adding that,

One plan under serious consideration would see the prime minister send an accompanying letter alongside the request to extend article 50 setting out that the government does not want any delay after October 31.”

While on the other hand, a cabinet source told The Telegraph on Sunday night that: “There is a prescribed letter that has to be sent …Does that stop the prime minister from sending other documents to the EU? I don’t think it does.

It’s understood, Boris Johnson meeting Irish PM meant addressing the backstop issue with a deal.

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