BORIS JOHNSON PREPARES, As The New Prime Minister!


Boris Johnson Prepares
  • What do we know about Mr. Johnson
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Live coverage from Downing Street as Boris Johnson prepares to take full responsibility as the new British Prime minister, and unfolding the day’s political developments as it happens. Other emerging stories indicate stakeholders under ‘Theresa May’s’ government have made it clear with their refusal to serve under Mr. Johnson.

The shadow international trade secretary ‘Barry Gardiner’ on his response some minutes ago, confirmed that Labour is currently in talks with Tory MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit, if they would back the opposition in a vote of no confidence in Mr. Johnson, and when questioned about these developments, Mr. Gardiner said: “Of course those discussions are going on”. While a report from the Today programme, says Boris Johnson’s unpopularity in Scotland explains why the SNP’s leader at Westminster ‘Ian Blackford’, that this could mean the last Prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Emerging tweets as Boris Johnson prepares his ascension reads:

I think as it stands today Boris Johnson could be the last prime minister of the United Kingdom.” Ian also added a no-deal Brexit would increase support for Scottish independence. This has also been argued by the former Labour prime minister.

A response from ITV’s Joe Pike says,” the fact that the Scottish edition of the Sun can’t bring itself to print a positive splash about Mr. Johnson’s prime minister tells you a lot about how he’s seen as an electoral liability for his party in Scotland”.

Joe Pike also tweeted, “Interesting to see the contrast between the Sun front pages: England and Wales edition and Scottish edition”. Adding that, it isn’t clear that Mr. Johnson has a ‘Scotland problem’.

About some minutes ago, it’s understood Hunt is reportedly refusing to decline from the cabinet, while Boris Johnson reshuffling gets underway. But, based on the laydown timetable for today, Mr. Johnson wouldn’t start his cabinet reshuffling until his been appointed prime minister by the Queen this afternoon. But, in reality, the process of reshuffling is already underway, while on the other hand, there seems to be a standoff from his main rival for the leadership, ‘Jeremy Hunt’. However, the current foreign secretary has objected to a demotion to Defence secretary, except he gets one of the cabinet’s most senior jobs.

Though the decision isn’t Hunt’s, Boris Johnson would have to decide whether to give in or could walk away. It’s understood, not terrible if Hunt left the cabinet, for example, ‘Michael Gove’ in 2016 was sacked by the outgoing prime minister ‘Theresa May’, though Gove came third in the leadership contest.  Despite Boris Johnson’s claims based on his willingness to contemplate a no-deal Brexit, but the fact is, Johnson will go with a deal.

‘Steven Swinford’ also tweeted:

Jeremy Hunt’s Cabinet future on the brink after he told Boris Johnson he will not accept a demotion from foreign Sec.

He made it clear he’s only willing to accept three jobs – his current role, chancellor or DPM

Johnson has offered him defence secretary

Hunt has turned it down.

  • Boris Johnson Prepares to enter the Downing Street, what next?

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