BORIS JOHNSON SET, To Ease Lockdown On Cafes, Puds


Boris Johnson set

UK: Boris Johnson set to ease the country’s lockdown after he was warned there could be a terrible outcome of a potential loss of 3.5 million jobs over the next summer. However, there are concerns over raising infection rates of the coronavirus in a bid to save the economy.

To ascertain this fact, the Prime Minister has reportedly ordered ministers to initialize plans aimed at reigniting the country’s economy which saw the signing off on new measures during a meeting that was held on Friday with the chancellor ‘Rishi Sunak’.

The decision followed what The Sunday Times analyzed as a “crunch meeting” on Thursday with ‘Alok Sharma’ the business secretary who notified Mr. Johnson of a potential outcome of a further delay to reopening the hospitality sector in time precisely for the summer trade could cost the country about 3.5 million jobs.

Mr. Johnson was said to have exclaimed “Christ” on hearing that.

Based on this, it’s evident that the new plans will result in a significant deviation from the Government’s previous COVID-19 strategy designed to uphold key lockdown restrictions until the country moves from its current virus state alert of level 4 to a more moderate level 3 or lower.

Prior to the current development (Boris Johnson set..), the newspaper reports have it that, this week, the Government is expected to relax planning control for cafes, restaurants, and puds in a bid to allow them to serve and trade-in outside areas. While on the other hand, restrictions on the numbers attending funerals and weddings will also be eased to allow up to 10 people to be at an indoor ceremony from early July.

Consequently, a measure only permitted previously for Jews and Quakers understood as historic legislation that will allow wedding ceremonies to take place outdoors is been drafted by the communities secretary ‘Robert Jenrick’. While on the other hand, place of worship is scheduled to reopen for private prayer from 15 June which will also include possible measures that could be announced to allow hairdressers to reopen before 4 July.

In the same vein, the transport secretary ‘Grant Shapps’ is under instructions to strike “travel corridor” deals with popular holiday destinations by 28 June which will also require new modality that will allow driving instructors to return to work.

Meanwhile, the stakes of “saving summer” are high due to concerns from the Government’s scientific advisors – warning that the R rate at which the coronavirus is transmitted is very close to the danger level of one in some areas of the United Kingdom, currently above the danger level in the South West and North East of England.

Despite this, it is reported that Mr. Johnson is currently seeking to reduce the social distancing measures from two meters to one with regards to the hospitality sector, and that’s if enough scientific evidence can be found to back up claims that it will only make a small difference to the rate at which the virus is transmitted. Although, the one-meter social distancing measure which is the World Health Organization’s minimum recommendation is already in place in the Netherland and Denmark.

With Boris Johnson set to ease UK lockdown, what’s next?