BORIS JOHNSON SUFFERS, Blow Due To Hard-line Brexit!


Boris Johnson Suffers

Boris Johnson suffers blow in the process of pushing through hard-line Brexiteers, this came as a senior member of the Tory European Research Group turned down his offer of a government job. In which ‘Steve Baker’, considered a senior Eurosceptic MP gestured “disaster awaits”.

In the process of rejecting the new prime ministers offer, he made it clear that “disaster awaits” if by 31 October, Brexit is not delivered, while he turned down attempt that could have brought him into negotiating Brexit.

This story emerged as Boris Johnson seek to deviate from his domestic objective, who had earlier pledge to recruit additional twenty thousand (20,000) police officers, expected to be unveiled on his trip to the West Midlands on Friday. But, as Boris Johnson suffers blow with regards to the rejected offer, change plans!

Also, in another development, it’s understood the Labour Party leader ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ is today in Liverpool, an event that will see him announce a three and half billion pounds (3.5bn) investment purposed for tidal power, a part of Labour party green industry agenda. The party takes the bull by the horn, as it champions a “Green Industrial Revolution” in a bid to address the climate emergency and in the process, boost investment in northern England, this could potentially generate hundreds of thousands of jobs, it hopes.

The project ‘Mersey Tidal Power Project’ will practically harness the power of the Liverpool Bay and River Mersey, which will produce clean and renewable energy that will potentially power a million homes, while in the process thousands of jobs are created and effect positively to the United Kingdom’s zero-carbon economy. In respect to this, Jeremy Corbyn said:

Reversing years of neglect of the towns and cities of the North under the Tories means rejecting the failed economic status quo and investing in our communities and industries of the future”.

“While Boris Johnson looks to the past and prioritizes the interest of his wealthy friends, Labour is looking to the future with plans to ramp up investment in exciting projects like the Mersey Tidal Power Project, which will kick-start labour’s Green industrial Revolution, power up the north and create thousands of new jobs”.

It is also understood, Jeremy Corbyn will accuse Boris Johnson of pointing at his past policies of tax cuts for big businesses that failed, the rich, and the neglect of Britain’s communities.

A report from the European Union chief negotiator proves dismissal of Mr. Johnson’s Brexit plan which came hours after it was unveiled in the house of commons. Responding to this, ‘Michel Barnier’ said on Thursday afternoon that it was “of course unacceptable” based on the fact that, it crosses red line laid down by the European Union leaders.

As Boris Johnson suffers blow, the new prime minister has been warned by the Architect of the Good Friday Agreement, saying that it is “not bright” to force through the hard-line over Brexit negotiations. But, Mr. Johnson has made Brexit commitment a “do or die” affair.

  • Would Brexit plans change as Boris Johnson suffers blow?

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