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Brexit: Boris Johnson threatens to deselect any Conservative MP that would vote to delay votes against his Government in a bid to force an early election. Reacting to this development, Tory rebels have accused Mr. Johnson of ‘goading’ them into voting against the Government, however, as the issue of suspending parliaments seems to go the other way.

Emerging response from those concerned, firstly from the opposition Party leader ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ who has called for a general election, but after a no-deal Brexit has been blocked by parliaments.

Should there be an urgent election as Boris Johnson threatens Tory rebels! A no-deal Brexit would practically be the outcome of the UK leaving the European Union. Meanwhile, let’s bring you the emerging response from different angles.

The Labour Party leader ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ in Salford while chairing a shadow cabinet meeting, said, the “shadow cabinet will today be finalizing its plans for avoiding a no-deal Brexit”.

Adding that the demonstration at the weekend indicates people will practically not accept Mr. Johnson’s intent of parliament closure. Saying that the current government is being run by a group of people he called “phoney populist cabal”. That,

Labour would never ignore parliament as Boris Johnson is doing”, also that “he is not willing to accept this”.

While addressing the cabinet, Mr. Corbyn reflected on the anticipated food shortage, should the UK leave the European Union on the basis of a no-deal! Insisting that the government denies this, “but who do you trust, those who work in the industry? Or Boris Johnson, who has never worked in the industry!”

In the process, he reflected on a no-deal Brexit on the basis of trade.

A no-deal Brexit would be a Trump deal Brexit”.

“A no-deal Brexit is really a Trump deal Brexit, leading to a one-sided US trade deal that will put us at the mercy of Donald Trump and the big American corporations.

 “The pally enthusiasm of the US President for Britain’s new prime minister only underlines that in Boris Johnson Trump has found a compliant British leader who will dance to his tune”.

Mr. Corbyn equally spoke concerning the country’s economy, saying that “Labour has a serious plan to get the economy working in every region of the country. It includes a 250 billion pounds national transformation fund that will be based outside London”. Adding that,

Boris Johnson has announced a 3.6bn pounds town fund. Labour’s national transformation fund is 70 times bigger.

Labour will use regional banks to devolve economic power”. While

For years politicians have argued that the economy is beyond economic control. That is an idea that favors the super-rich. But it is not true. Through democracy, you can change in whose interests the economy works”. However, speaking of regional infrastructural development, he said:

The north needs a full Crossrail service. It shall no longer be held back by poor transport infrastructure”. While in addition to all, he added that:

There were leave voters and remain voters at the weekend protests. People are alarmed at the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. He says there were many reasons for people voting leave. But no one voted leave to lose their jobs or to secure a sweetheart deal favoring the US. So he will fight the next election on his transformative agenda”.

In another development, ‘Lisa O’Carroll’ commented on the Irish border, and in the process, she said:

The self-described Alternative Arrangements Commission, chaired by former ministers Greg Hands and Suella Braverman, has stepped up its campaign to get its July report on potential solutions for the Irish Border accepted by the EU, London, and Dublin.

Everybody needs to remember that a vote for a Brexit deal did actually pass in parliament earlier this year. The Brady amendment, calling for alternative arrangements to the Irish Backstop, has a majority of 16”. Adding that:

The reality is that the clock is now ticking rapidly towards a no-deal on October 31. We ask that all sides, including the British government, the EU and the Irish government, come together and use our tools to agree to a new withdrawal agreement”.

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