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Boris Johnson’s cabinet ministers, being appointed by him (new Prime minister) of the United Kingdom. According to today’s reports, Mr. Johnson is to address the house of common having briefed his cabinet, and in the process his address, he told his cabinet they had “a momentous task ahead”, while he stressed on his commitment for the United Kingdom exit from the European Union, 31 October.

While on a different note, I will be pleased to present you with Theresa May’s farewell or last speech.

Meanwhile, the key roles for Boris Johnson’s cabinet saw the appointments of Dominic Raab and Priti Patel returned to government, with Sajid Javid as chancellor. However, Ms. Patel was appointed home secretary, while Mr. Raab was made foreign secretary.

The list of Boris Johnson’s cabinet will be outlined below. This development saw the resignation of more than half of the former prime minister’s cabinet, among who is the leadership rival ‘Jeremy Hunt’ while some were sacked.

As promised, ‘Theresa May’s’ final speech, she said:

I am about to go ….to palace, to tender my resignation to her, the Queen, and to advise her to ask ‘Boris Johnson’ to form a new administration. I repeat my warm congratulation on winning the conservative leadership election, I wish him every good fortune in the months and years ahead.

To serve as Prime minister of the United Kingdom is the greatest honor, the heavy responsibilities are outweighed by the huge potential to serve your country, but you achieve nothing alone and that is why I leave Downing Street, my final words are of sincere thanks.

This is a country of aspiration and opportunity, and I hope that every young girl who has seen a woman prime minister now knows for sure that there are no limits to what they can achieve”. Those were the final words from Theresa May.

Moving away from that, BBC political editor said they were whispers there could be a huge offer for European citizens.

And while speaking to his cabinet, Boris Johnson emphatically said, “As you all know we have a momentous task ahead of us, at a pivotal moment in our country’s history.

“We are now committed, all of us, to leave the European Union on October 31 or indeed earlier – no ifs, no buts.

“But we are not going to wait until October 31 to get on with a fantastic new agenda for our country, and that means delivering the priorities of the people.

While addressing his ministers behind closed doors said, “Wonderful to see this new team assembled here” which respects the “depth and breadth of talent in our extraordinary party”.  And the lists of his minister and their roles are as follows;

Michael Gove: Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and no-deal Brexit planning

Ben Wallace: Defence secretary

Liz Truss: International trade secretary

Matt Hancock: Health secretary (post retained)

Gavin Williamson: Education secretary

Nicky Morgan: Culture secretary

Andrea Leadsom: Business secretary

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Leader of the Commons

Amber Rudd: Work and pensions secretary (post retained), these are his cabinet ministers not excluding those mentioned earlier.

  • So what are the expectations of the British people?

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