BREXIT CHALLENGE, As Ireland Deputy ‘Simon’ React!


Brexit challenge

The British Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ in her latest development with her cabinet came up with plane ‘B’ that was presented to the parliament,  this is understood to word-off a no-deal Brexit negotiation with the European leaders. Meanwhile, with fifty-nine (59) days left for Britain to leave the European Union, experts worry about its social consequences on the British economy.

The Ireland Deputy Prime Minister ‘Simon Coveney’ responds on backstop in an interview stated clearly by saying, “it was the United Kingdom that insisted on review mechanism for the backstop so that they could be changed or removed if everybody agreed to that, and the very need for the backstop in the first place was because of British red-lines that they want to use customs union and single market as well as the European Union. The Ireland position is to look! We have agreed of series of compromise here and that has resulted in what is proposed in the withdrawal agreement and Ireland has the same position as the European Union now I think when we say that the backstop as part of withdrawal agreement is part of a balanced package that isn’t going to change”.  

Mr ‘Barnier’s response on his previous day briefing of the United Kingdom and European Union ‘backstop agreement deal’ on the Irish border, said “we must have a workable and practical solution to avoid a hard border and protect north-south cooperation. The European Union and the United Kingdom agreed to include in the withdrawal agreement text published today (28 January) and not on how the Irish issue will be dealt with”. Speaking of this, he said, we have agreed the following:

  • Both sides remain committed to December joint report in all its aspect
  • We have agreed  that issues identified in the European text must be addressed for finding a viable and legally sound solution
  • In particle, we agreed today that the backstop solution must form parts of the legal text of the withdrawal agreement
  • We have also agreed on some element of the protocol, not to have resolved related to the common tribal area and north-south cooperation”.
Brexit challenge

Analyzing the outcome of the world economic forum held in Davos Switzerland, it ended with no deal reached, on trade tensions between the United States and China, climate change agreement, and also Brexit challenge(s). However, Brexit challenge has resulted in street protests on the Ireland border and in the United Kingdom, as some protesting in Britain demand to leave the European Union, deal or no deal. Meanwhile, a series of interviews shows a huge Brexit challenge.

The British trade Minister ‘Liam Fox’ in an interview in Davos last week was asked if the United Kingdom is still open to doing business? No one knows what is happening, today we hear from the labour and we hear from a faction of conservative party?

‘Liam Fox’ responding to this said, “under the law that exist in the United Kingdom, that parliament passed last year, the European treaties will seize to apply to the United Kingdom after the 29 of March, unless there is a change in the law or there is a deal, that is what happens”.

“So the two ways to change the act is to change the law, which is complicated and time-consuming, and the second is to come to a deal. The best way is for us all to reach an agreement with the European Union, to reach an agreement without withdrawal agreement”.

Reflecting on Davos discussions, he said, “We are discussing the disconnection between a lot of voters and the political class, and what the rule of globalization and so on is in that. I think the biggest risk is when the politician promises something and then don’t deliver. Here in the United Kingdom, you’ve got the cheapest possible example, eighty percent (80%) of the house of common said they will abide by the result of the referendum”, “puts the United Kingdom in fracturing politics, that is a high price to pay”. This indicates the untold Brexit challenge.

In another interview with ‘Len McCluskey’ on Brexit challenge(s) about the Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ and the Labour party, ‘McCluskey’ responded to ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ honest impact in United Kingdom politics, saying “One thing Jeremy Corbyn has brought into politics is honesty”. “Now in terms of a manifesto, Jeremy Corbyn would honor the manifesto”. “People say to me some times, o Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t revolutionary and of course there is an element of truth in that”. You may ask yourself the question. Why is the establishment so desperate for Jeremy Corbyn not to get into power? “And the reason been that they know he will bring about that shift in the balance of power in the favor of ordinary working people”. He added that the prime minister ‘Theresa May’ should recognize that the trade union is the largest sector in our society and we represent organize Labour, and of course, organize Labour play such a major – major role in the creation of our society.  

  • What is the hope of UK politics with the Brexit challenge?

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