BREXIT DEAL. ‘Theresa May’ Claim Is In the balance!


Brexit deal

As the debate on the Brexit deal continues, British Prime Minister Theresa May remains defiant with finger crossed, despite widespread opposition to the draft deal with the European Union.

Reflecting on the world’s reaction to this event, reports from Italian paper has compared recent ministerial resignations of the United Kingdom parliament over Brexit as an earthquake or tsunami. While a publication of the second referendum suggests a way out of the current deadlock, and in another dimension, it meant it was too late.

According to ‘Repubblica’, Brexit has become “positional warfare, a psychological war of attrition” and added, “in this collective earthquake everything may tumble down.

Elsewhere, China Daily said final approval of the Brexit deal will be “mission impossible” stating that Theresa May’s “effort may be in vain since a no-deal or no exit remains a possibility

Iran state-run news channel made reference to the draft Brexit agreement as – the “worst deal in British history”.

According to Housing Secretary James Brokenshire, who responded on the deal through BBC Radio 4, says “the focus is getting on with job around this agreement – the public want us to do just that, to get on with the task of delivering Brexit, which is what this deal does.”

Mr. Brokenshire equally added, by saying “the deal strikes a fair balance – yes, there are compromises that are there, but there is no sense that there will be anything more that can be gained through further negotiation”. And also added, “Indeed it will take us backward if you were to try and do that.

This indicates the desired result from the public is still farfetched, and not helpful to their plans and economy of Britain. Meaning Brexit deal is the way out.

The Housing Secretary James Brokenshire however, made it clear that any attempt to renegotiate the Brexit withdrawal deal could “take us backward.

The response from the Prime Minister clarifies the issue on the deal ‘things British people most concerned about’, while a caller said: “locking us in Europe forever is not the best for our country.

Based on this, the British Prime Minister Theresa May on her response to this said: “We are not being locked in, we are taking control of our laws, our borders, leaving the single market and we are ending free movement.” These are things British people are most concerned about and that they voted for, and the same is what she is here to deliver.

The British Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, and a key cabinet minister refused to state if he is resigning or not, based on reports, who lately declined Theresa May’s offer as Brexit Secretary yesterday.

It’s understood Theresa May is staying on in order to push through, but what people do not know is if it is politically possible. Referring to when the vote was initialized, two years since the vote to leave the European Union, but focusing on the kind of relationship Britain could build with the rest of other continents after Brexit.

Earlier on today’s debate, a senior member of British’s opposition Labour Party, John McDonnell said, parliament deal on Brexit could be reached on the basis of compromise. While speaking with BBC Radio 4’s morning program today said, people have looked over the edge of no-deal Brexit and realized it could be disastrous on Britain.

  • So what is Britain’s future like without Brexit deal?

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