BREXIT DRAFT DEAL. Over UK’s Future With The Bloc!


Brexit draft deal

The British Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ had meetings with the European officials on the Brexit draft deal agreement, in order to shape the future relations of the United Kingdom and Europe Union. Earlier, the Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ had a successful meeting with the European Commission Pres. Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels.

Spain responded bluntly to Brexit draft deal on a disapproval note, saying except changes are made to the wording over Gibraltar (disputed Island with the United Kingdom).

As Theresa May strives to make a deal in time over Sunday summit with the European leaders in Brussels for Brexit talks, understood to be an unscheduled trip to Brussels signaled “major problems” over a document setting over United Kingdom’s future relationship with the European Union, according to a source.

According to source over Gibraltar, Theresa May spoke to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez earlier on Wednesday evening, adding that discussions will continue following “good engagement” between the Countries and the Government of Gibraltar.

May, reflecting on the meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, said: “We’ve made further progress and as a result, we have given sufficient direction to our negotiators, I hope, for them to resolve the remaining issues and that work will start immediately”. She further spoke of her return for further meetings this weekend, focusing on how they could bring to a conclusion this process and for the interest of all British people.

The European Union and the United Kingdom have signaled there will be no major changes in the legal binding agreement.

As the European Union currently races against time to complete the text declaration on its future relations with the United Kingdom, comprising of security, trade with other issues, despite concerns from a good number of member states.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded to Sunday meeting with the European leaders, which have already called for approval of both declaration and the drafted withdrawal deal, except future co-operation is agreed in advance.

The latest drafted document known as ‘political declaration’ is meant to be seen by diplomats from other twenty-seven (27) European nations. Meanwhile, the European Union hoped to agree on the document, though without legal binding but could be viewed as a starting point for future negotiations.

According to Theresa May in an interview “Progress has been made” but “there are some further issues that need resolution”.

Based on the political declaration, the terms of withdrawal agreement stipulates a twenty-one (21) month transition period till the end of 2020, after the United Kingdom leaves. While the future relation documents are set out on the basis of economic, defense co-operation and security due to start from 2021 onwards. But the trade deal has not been agreed upon.

They are other issues hindering the agreement!

Some European countries, such as the French, Danish, and Dutch are concerned over the level of access their fishing fleets would have in British waters. However, there are concerns about the Brexit draft deal, what its agreement will mean for a single market, probably the United Kingdom will end up enjoying preferential access to the European market without compliance with the freedom of movement rules.

Spain, on the other hand, insists that the texts on future trade agreements between the European Union and the United Kingdom excludes disputed peninsula.

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