BREXIT EXTENSION, Parliament Vote Will Decide!


Brexit extension

The current situation of Britain leaving the European Union on 29th March 2019 looks uncertain, indicating Brexit extension. This came as the British prime minister ‘Theresa May’ recently came up with another plan of extension in order to get a deal with the European Union.

The prime minister ‘Theresa May’ taking a no-deal Brexit off the table has raised another concern among the parliaments. The members of the house of common see this as Brexit extension tactics, while the Labour party through her leader ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ has questioned the reason for this delay.

According to the Prime minister ‘Theresa May’, first we will hold a second meaningful vote by Tuesday the 12th of March at the latest. Second, if the government has not won a meaningful vote by the 12th of March, that it will in addition with its obligations to table a neutral amendable motion under section 13 of the European Union withdrawal act. Table a motion to be voted on by Wednesday 13th of March at the latest, asking this house if he supports leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement and the framework for a future relationship on the 29th of March. So the United Kingdom will only without a deal on the 29th of March if there is a specific consent in the house for that outcome. Third, if the house has rejected leaving with the deal negotiated with the European Union, then rejects leaving on the 29th March without a withdrawal agreement and future framework. The government will on the 14th of March bring forward a motion on whether parliament wants to seek a short limited extension to article 50, and if the house vote for an extension, seek to agree that extension approved by the house with the European Union and bring forward the necessary legislation to change the exit date commensurate with that extension. This commitment all fit the time scale set out in private members bill in the name of the right honorable member for momentum, pontific and council vote.  

Current uncertainty in business remains a huge challenge at the moment, but one thing ultimately remains unchanged, leave with a deal, leave with no-deal or have no Brexit ‘Theresa May’ added. This indicates a Brexit extension.

On the other hand, the opposition leader ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ has a different opinion, considering a country with more than seventy (70) million people that voted to leave European Union three (3) years ago. However, ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ said, “I’ve lost counts of the number of times the prime minister has come to this house to explain a further delay. They say, Mr. Speaker, history repeats itself, the first time is a tragedy, and the second time is false, but the antic time, it can only be described as protestly reckless. This is not deterring, it’s a deliberate strategy to run down the clock. The prime minister is promising to achieve something she knows is not achievable and is string people along, so won’t she be straight with people, the withdrawal agreement is not been reopened, there is no attempt to get the union out of the backstop or a time limit. The prime minister continues to say it is her deal or no-deal, but this house has decisively rejected her deal and has clearly rejected no-deal”. He equally talked about amendment drafted by the honorable member, aimed at securing citizens’ rights for Europeans in the United Kingdom and United Kingdom citizens’ in Europe, some of whom I met in Spain last week. He said, “Every delay, every bit of badly made forge just intensify the uncertainty, for its industry, business investment has been held back, jobs been lost and yet more jobs been put at risk. The real-life consequences of prime minister cynical tactics are been felt across the country, factories relocating abroad, jobs been lost, investments been canceled, thousands of workers across Britain’s towns and cities are hearing rumors and fearing for the worst”. However, “Labour Mr. Speaker has a credible plan that could bring the country together, provide certainty for people and safeguard jobs and industry”.   Finally, “So tomorrow (today) we will ask parliament to vote on these proposals, they are workable and negotiable, and backs the demand of working people all across this country and industry across this country”.

Brexit extension by British government shows no sign of readiness to leave the European Union, some say.

  • What would be the outcome of Brexit Extension if it’s finally extended?

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