BREXIT NEGOTIATION, Faces ‘Blame Game’ After Weeks!


Brexit Negotiation
Markel And The New EU President

It is now been figured out that Brexit negotiation has not gained momentum despite talks with the block. This came after the newly elected European Union president made it clear when he visited the British Prime minister ‘Boris Johnson’. And with October 31 around the corner, questions are asked on what should and what should happen.

At this point, it seems the current UK government is kicking the can down the road on the basis of Brexit negotiation. Confirming this, the new EU president made it clear that he is “confident in the hope of hearing proposals which will take negotiations forward, but I must note there has been no progress”. However, it was confirmed the new EU president was with ‘Angela Markel’ yesterday morning, but on the other hand, his phone call with Boris Johnson proved explosive.

According to Downing Street source, “the United Kingdom cannot leave Northern Ireland behind in a Customs Union and in full alignment forever”, Angela Markel said. 

At this moment, the plan of a deal looks pretty remote, this was figured out from the language flying around. While on the hand, ‘Michael Gove’ believes they will be a deal anytime soon based on the response from the EU engagement. Also, the opposition at the house of commons believes the latest Brexit proposals were setup to fail and the suspicions have been strengthened by that Downing Street account of Markel’s phone call.

The Irish Deputy Prime Minister ‘Simon Coveney’ also said that: “the comment today was a reflection of frustration, and also concern that the narrow seems, leaning towards a ‘blame game’ rather than actually trying to solve this issue”.  This was also confirmed by Donald Tusk‘s tweet…

An opposition member ‘Sir Keir Starmer’ MP, shadow Brexit secretary also said: “This is an extremely serious situation, the government put the proposals on the table, that would never going to walk. They were designed to fail and instead of reacting and changing their proposals, they’re now collapsing the talks and engaging in a reckless blame game”.

Meanwhile, it became obvious as the parliament was called to the lord to hear that the parliament was been prorogued, and at this time, as it was lawful it brought to an end the longest section of parliament in the modern era. Also, the queen’s commission was red out by ‘Baroness Evans’ leader of the house of Lords.

By virtue of her majesty commission which is been now red, we do in her majesty’s name in obedient to her majesty’s command, prorogued this parliament till Monday the 14th day of October”.

This implies the date will be when the queen will reopen parliament with the speech announcing a new programme of government, but it’s a programme for a government which will in all likelihood be facing the same Brexit problem.

  • So what has changed with Brexit negotiation from the previous government?

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