BREXIT TALKS COLLAPSE, As May & Labour Couldn’t Agree!


Brexit talks collapse
Theresa May Explain Why!

Brexit talks collapse recently as talks between the Prime Minister Theresa May and the ‘Labour party’ could not reach on an agreement over its departure from the European Union as intended. This has left the entire country stuck in its democratic decision to leave the European Union on a scheduled date.

The intention of the talks between the United Kingdom government and the opposition party led by Jeremy Corbyn was to come up with an agreed plan that would win the support of the two parties. It is noticed the Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ could no longer command authority as expected of her government, based on this the opposition leader ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ called for a halt on Brexit talks.

Meanwhile, Brexit talks collapse based on Jeremy Corbyn’s observation, as he blames the government for its “increasing weakness and instability”.

After six (6) weeks of deliberation between ‘Theresa May’s government and the opposition party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit talks collapse. Jeremy Corbyn insisted that the talks have gone as long as they can, as he blames the “increasing weakness and instability of the government”.  

This came after a senior Tory MP group had a meeting with the prime minister in the office, and told her the time is up. They would allow her one more try on getting a Brexit deal, but then she must fix the departure date.

That means in the first week of June, Theresa May must agree with Sir Graham Brady on a time table for leaving, also hearing of some hostile Tory MP’s spelled out why she must go.

Boris Johnson has said he will be a candidate in a contest to succeed Theresa May, and that contest could start three weeks’ time. Equally, on the same day, the Prime Minister was told by backbenchers MPs that the contest could start three weeks’ time, just maybe a little bit later.

If Theresa May wins the vote in the house of commons and the odds against her, then she might just be able to hang on till a new leader is anointed, and if she doesn’t, she could be out by the end of July.

Currently, there are fears if all hope is lost, why can’t the parties come together now, and this seems the forecast in Britain. However, the conservative party and the Labour have stayed away from the local election, this also fueled Brexit talks collapse.

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