BREXIT UNCERTAINTY, Vera Speaks On Withdrawal Deal!


Brexit Uncertainty
EU COMMISSIONER Vera Jourova On Withdrawal Agreement

Brexit uncertainty has raised a lot of concern in the United Kingdom and in Europe. However, current uncertainty surrounding the Brexit negotiation with the European Union has led to a new era of politics, with this it is understood Britain has never been European, but only found itself after it disengaged in the Reformation, the Napoleonic Wars and the Second World War. This historic evolution entails deep continuity which evolved in two phases, firstly, the negative effect of the past, and the second is the evolution of free European.

There has been a prediction of the rise and fall of the British nation and that includes other kingdoms that make up the United Kingdom. A history teacher ‘David Edgerton’ who teaches history at King’s Collage London, the venue of “History in light of Brexit” conference, wrote about The Rise and Fall of the British Nation. But is the current British politics a true reflection of his prediction!

Currently, the European Union coupled with European firms has shown different concern over the current state of Brexit and its handling.

Speaking of the Brexit uncertainty, earlier on today’s morning program the European Union Commissioner ‘Vera Jourova’ spoke of changes that could be effected in respect of withdrawal agreement. In her response to ‘Nick Robinson’, she said, “She would be “very careful” in her answer”, adding that “the decision whether or not to alter the deal in order to avoid a ‘No Deal’ scenario that would hurt both sides would be for the next European Union Commission president”. Meanwhile, “She would only commit to the Withdrawal Agreement being the only deal on the table “for the moment”. Based on this, it is evident there is a potential threat of No Deal and indicates a likely change of European Union position on Brexit agreement.

In another dimension, a correspondent from ‘Make the UK’ spoke of continuing fall in export and domestic orders, based on this, manufacturing output for this year has been forecast to grow by 0.2%, showing the lowest level since the month after the Brexit vote in 2016.

In response to this development, the chief executive of Make United Kingdom ‘Stephen Phipson’ warned elements of the manufacturing industry would be pushed over the edge if the uncertainty continued”.

Stating that companies had earlier been on steroids, meanwhile, he added, “Underneath, however, there is now growing evidence of European companies abandoning United Kingdom supply chains, whilst Asian customers baulk at the unknown of what may exist as the United Kingdom leaves trade agreements which operate under European Union rules”.

“With this picture, it would be the height of economic lunacy to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union with no deal in place. The race to the bottom in the interests of Party ideology has to stop otherwise there will be a heavy price to pay”, he also said. The current state, therefore, requires drastic measures of those concerned.

  • What will United Kingdom do to resolve Brexit uncertainty?

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