BRITISH DECISION, & Brexit Outcome, EU Not Responsible!


British Decision

UK’s current political turmoil is as a result of British decision the European Commission president ‘Jean-Claude Juncker’ said while speaking to Sky News. Responding to this, he said the bloc should not be held accountable for what is a “British decision”, adding that: “The European Union is not leaving the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union”.

The issue of a hard border with Northern Ireland has been on the table, with the new British Prime minister ‘Boris Johnson’ insisting the backstop should be dropped. With regards to the backstop, Mr. Juncker made it clear that a hard border in Ireland will practically result in the return of unrest in Northern Ireland.

While speaking to ‘Sophie Ridge’ on Sky News, Jean-Claude Juncker said: “The European Union is in no way responsible for any kind of consequences entailed by the British.

That is a British decision, a sovereign decision that we are respecting but don’t try to charge the European Union with the responsibility”.

Mr. Juncker also pointed at potential measures that should be in place peradventure Britain leaves the European Union on basis of no-deal, adding that controls at the Irish border would have to be implemented while insisting that: “We have to make sure that the interests of the European Union and of the internal market will be preserved”.

The EU is equally working hard to make sure their interest is protected irrespective of Brexit outcome. On the other hand, he also spoke with concern over the prospect of a hard border, considering the violent clashes witnessed during the Trouble. The conflict between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland was stretched about 30 years and in the process, more than 3,500 people lost their lives prior to the Good Friday Agreement.

In his address with Ridge on Sunday programme, he made it clear that the Good Friday Agreement and the current agreement should be respected in all circumstances.

The situation in Ireland has improved; we should not play with this”. Adding that:

Sometimes I have the impression that some people are forgetting about history. But history will be back immediately”.   

In the same vein, he also made a suggestion based on openness to the continuous Irish backstop plans being scrapped, provided they were replaced with a viable options.

Meanwhile, Mr. Juncker also said he “was not criticizing” British MPs, adding that “the highest respect possible for Westminster because it’s the mother of all parliaments”. While in addition to that he stressed, it was the UK Government’s responsibility to stop any Irish border from becoming “significantly harder”.

Lastly, on British decision, he made it clear that “It’s better for the British and for the European Union to have an organized deal”.

  • What is your take on current British decision with the EU?

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