CAKE RAISES 12.6 MILLION, For Its Electric Motorcycles!


Cake Raises 12.6 Million

Swedish startup – Cake raises 12.6 million euros from its excessive subscription round championed by Creandum, coupled with participation emerging from existing investors and The company focuses on the production of lightweight electric motorcycle that could be deployed on all roads (major and adventurous routes) but precisely an off-road motorcycle.

The startup is based in Stockholm – Sweden, aimed at zero carbon emission. Meanwhile, the latest development from the company is no other, but an indication of the company’s projection to speed up its high performance and clean energy motorcycles, while at the moment, its products consist of two models – Kalk& and Kalk OR.

The $14,000 motorcycle provides options to riders for all abilities, and this comes in three modes that adjust maximum speed and throttle sensitivity, with a promising battery that can take a rider 50 miles per charge which takes about two hours to be fully charged. On the other hand, it’s also been figured out that the battery is packed with about 19,000 lithium cells, amazingly could be charged indoors.

Meanwhile, the design of this motorcycle enables the rider with three options on how he or she would want to slow down and stop. In the process of letting up on the throttle, the ‘free rolling’ settings lets the rider move freely as one riding down a slope, while the ‘engine braking’ mode is structured to bring the rider to a stop quicker and in the process, regenerate power in the battery cells.

Responding to this development (Cake raises 12.6 million euros), ‘Stefan Ytterborn’ the founder and CEO of CAKE said: “This is a giant step for CAKE, hooking up with leaders in their trade, and aside from the capital injection nursing our way forward sharing in-depth competence and experience”.

The ability to accelerate is timely, just having launched the street certified Kalk& model for North America and Europe, as well as launching the next model Osa, a more commuter-oriented vessel, during Autumn”.

While in another development, a source reported based on comments from the general partner at Creandum Advisor ‘Staffan Helgesson’ who said: “It’s inevitable that there will be a major paradigm shift in transportation”. The electrification of vehicles is a big part of this and we see consumer adoption accelerating rapidly”.

In addition to that, a partner at ‘Jonathan Becker’ also said: “With Stefan’s previous experience in building premium brands like POC, we believe the team behind CAKE is perfectly positioned to create a new premium segment in the electric utility and urban commuter market”.

Lastly, CAKE produces clean, quiet and lightweight motorcycles.

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