California Wildfire Fueled

California wildfire fueled by wild wind known as ‘devil’s wind’ is currently wreaking havoc in the Northern part of California, while the South with the surge of devil’s wind has been impacted on a small scale. The wildfire started on Thursday in a nearby forest, North-West of central Los Angeles, 40 miles away.

The devil’s wind is said to be moving at a speed of forty (40) kilometer per hour, with this, fifty-seven thousand (57,000) homes are currently threatened by the fire. As firefighters in the north continue to battle the campfire, reports indicate death toll at increase with forty-two (42) people confirmed dead.

California wildfire fueled lately by ‘devil’s wind’, have been observed a constant occurrence for decades, but this year’s fire is seen as the worst, based on development, more than three hundred thousand (300,000) local residence has been forced to flee their homes across California.

United States President ‘Donald Trump’ declared a “major disaster” in the state, while federal aid has been made available to affected residents.

California wildfire fueled

In the Northern part of California, the wildfire is said to have destroyed about seven thousand two hundred (7,200) homes which have surpassed the deadliest in California history (Griffith Park disaster). While the search for survivors is still ongoing, many people are said to be unaccounted for.

According to BBC World Service radio, Sorrell Bobrink, a Paradise resident told BBC World as she was first woken up and alerted by a phone call from one of her friends. Describing the scene as “exactly like any apocalyptic movie I have ever seen

I had to drive through the fire, it was awful. It was probably the most awful experience I will have in my life

“It was traumatizing, we will be traumatized for a long time. My whole community was traumatized, I can’t watch the videos anymore because I actually went through it.” – Sorrell Bobrick

Luxury homes in Malibu and other beach communities are destroyed with other homes in large numbers, at least eighty five thousand five hundred (85,500) acres of land has been consumed.

According to reports from CNN, the statewide death toll has been brought to forty-four (44), making it the deadliest in history. The fierce winds moving at sixty (60) to seventy (70) miles per hour continues to threaten lives and properties, while in Southern California, the Woolsey fire has killed two (2) people so far.

The wildfire, however, compresses of Campfire, Woolsey fire, and the Hill fire. While the firefighters are putting in their best in order to contain its effect. Meanwhile, it is understood, California wildfire fueled by the devil’s wind made things worst.

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