CcHub FUNDS TECH, Aimed At Curbing COVID-19 In Africa!


CcHub Funds Tech

Africa’s largest innovation incubator, CcHub funds tech projects aimed at curbing global pandemic ‘COVID-19’ which will include its economic and social effects. This comes after the Lagos and Nairobi based startup posted an open application on its website this week, however, the offer for such a project will include funding and engineering support.

The startup’s initiative is based on the fact that Africa could be unprepared to handle the COVID-19 outbreak than other regions that have seen its impact on a large scale, such as China, Europe, and the United States, and is currently wreaking serious economic havoc globally. Yesterday, the Director of WHO made it clear in his address to Africa that “Africa should be prepared for the worse”.

So it’s important COVID-19 project is properly funded, however, CcHub noted that established startups with the desire to create COVID-19 project related on the side of the subject startup’s core-business can apply. 

Prior to CcHub offer, it’s understood CcHub’s affiliate ‘iHub’ is meant to open up engineering support and resources from its CcHub Design Lab to funded companies while CcHub will practically provide $5,000 to $10,000 funding blocks to companies with COVID-19 related projects within the scope of last-mile communication, production of essential medical supplies and support for disrupted food supply-chains, support for the infected and the most vulnerable.

Meanwhile, for a CcHub funding tech project that will potentially curb the scourge of COVID-19, the CEO Tijani hopes could deploy its network and resources in a bid to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Africa. Adding that:

Quite a number of African countries, if they get to the level of Italy or the UK, I don’t think the system…is resilient enough to provide support to something like that”.

According to statistics, COVID-19 cases in major populated countries in Africa are still in single-digits, precisely Africa’s most populous and economic country, Nigeria. South Africa has confirmed 10’s of coronavirus cases. While at the moment, there are 10 confirmed deaths related to COVID-19 in Africa, however, the numbers of confirmed cases and death could rise.

Apart from CcHub funding tech projects in this space, Governments across Africa have reportedly taken action. Nigeria yesterday placed a travel ban on all political office holders and federal workers, and also imposed travel restrictions on the United States, UK, China, Italy, and Iran. South Africa and Kenya have gone ahead with a ban over public gatherings and travel restrictions.

The acquisition of iHub in 2019 saw the Lagos-based tech incubator team up with another Africa’s most powerful tech hub based on membership network, the volume of programs, venture capital, startups incubated and global visibility.

In another dimension, the fears of an actual scenario for the West African countries and Kenya could be much worse Tijani noted, saying:

I think Lagos and Nigeria are in denial. Some governments in Africa are taking action, but the focus in Africa has been relying on port of entry [measures], which isn’t reliable because…I suspect its already here…people may not have symptoms yet”.

There are fears and concerns at the moment based on the number of deaths related to COVID-19 and the rate at which the virus is spreading. While addressing the challenges related to COVID-19 in Africa is the core support of CcHub funds tech projects.

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