ChatableApps LAUNCHES, Its Hearing Assistance App!


ChatableApps launches

The hearing solution App developer ChatableApps launches its hearing assistance application on iOS devices, which will also see its wider Android release any moment from now. However, the app is designed to function effectively by removing background noise in near real-time so that one-on-one conversations can be heard more audibly which is based on the work of auditory neural signal processing research ‘Dr. Andy Simpson’ led by ‘Mark Cuban’.

In a bid to ascertain the level of the app’s functionality, the maker has assured users that it works with any standard earbuds and a modern smartphone. Adding that early “pre-clinical” trails of the Chatable application proves to demonstrate that it matches or even surpasses the performance of some traditional and existing hearing aids, with appreciable percentage (86%) of participants reporting that the ChatableApps “universal hearing aid” performed pretty well in conversation than there existing hearing aid they are used to.

Deploying a traditional approach to background noise removal that attempts to label and remove unwanted sounds uses a different approach unlike ChatableApps’ AI tagged “VOXimity” which practically identifies the voice as the actual voice that is needed to be heard, and creates a new, identical voice tack which sounds the same as the original while excluding any other background sounds with the aid of end-to-end neural speech synthesis.

This was actually figured out from ChatableApps co-founder ‘Brendan O’Driscoll’, sitting at the approach and technology deployed as “completely unique” which is based on the fact that it does not use noise filtering or other DSP technique. Instead, he made it clear that “it’s actually a deep learning neural net approach to speech and noise separation that doesn’t apply filters to the original audio but rather it listens and re-prints a brand new audio stream in near real-time which is a mimic of just the vocal components of the original audio”.

Prior to ChatableApps Launch, the company CEO ‘Giles Tongue’ puts it that the team has been racing to release the app as quickly as possible since this could practically breach the gap for people who are unable to access a hearing clinic due to concern over COVID-19 coupled with the inability to lipread as a result of prevalence face masks. And not only will the app be relevant in these areas but it can also help the user cope with social distancing. Adding that:

You can place the phone next to the person talking, put in your Bluetooth buds, walk ten feet away and still be able to hear someone with perfect clarity”.

Note, this isn’t going to come all free, albeit, the paid subscription plan with full version will be available for $12.99 per month, and $79 per annual when payment is manually effected while accessing the app is readily available for free.

What is your take as ChatableApps launches its hearing assistance app?