CHINESE APPS, Drops As India Developers Scale Up!


Chinese Apps

Over the years, Chinese apps have gained serious popularity in India and as such, Indian app stores have been dominated by apps from Chinese developers. This was verified based on the fact that the previous year saw as many as 44 of the top 100 Android apps in India, and also figured out, were actually developed by Chinese firms.

Amazingly, 2019 reportedly witnessed a twist in this space, however, local developers have stepped up their effort in a bid to recapture their position. Based on this, app analytics and marketing firm AppsFlyer in its survey clarified that Indian apps, in general, have reclaimed their original position.

In the same vein, reports emerging from a different research firm, App Annie couple with other claims proves that 41 percent of top 200 apps in Indian editions of Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store in the second and third quarter of this year were developed by Indian local firms and developers, up from 38 percent of 2018.

The statement from the reports stipulates that: “This uptick happened chiefly at the expense of Chinese apps, which fell from their lead position to 38 percent from 43 percent in 2018. Altogether, Chinese and Indian apps make up almost four-fifths (79%) of the list”.

With this development, it’s understood Chinese apps developers are not giving up, instead, local Chinese firms will practically intensify with their ‘impressive’ fight in each category, reports claimed.

But what actually gave rise to the recent shift? It could be traced to a couple of platforms according to an analyst. The launching of tens and hundreds of payments, news, gaming, and entertainment apps by Indian firms for one and a half years, according to analysts gave rise to 6.5 billion apps installed within the second and third quarters of this year were the reasons, AppsFlyer claimed.

In another dimension, weighing up the number of smartphone users in India coupled with its lax laws that are meant to support an open market, it’s has been figured out statistically – India is home to at least 450 million smartphone users, a vital reason Chinese apps are at the frontline – resulting to a juicy battleground for developers worldwide.

Chinese firms like Xiaomi and ByteDance are among many other Chinese firms that count India as their major market. Xiaomi earlier this month launched a lending app and also leading the Indian smartphone market is at the moment building a portfolio of services for users in India.

Apps developers which include Chinese apps developers spend millions of Indian rupees in each category of app, while on the other hand, low financial capacity could be a challenge to some, for instance, first-time internet users weighing up the cost of each app install.

  • What is your take as Chinese apps face their decline in India?