CICRET BRACELET. Find Out More On This Smart Device!


Cicret bracelet

Cicret bracelet is a newly developed electronic device from a company based in France known as Cicret, this wearable electronics is loaded with amazing features and offers multiple functions that are obtainable from a Smartphone, but the beauty of this device is its functionality of transforming your skin as a new touch screen.

The question is how is that possible? You will find out soon.

Cicret is practically a combination of cicret application and bracelet cicret, however, cicret bracelet is built with secured application that enables the user to chat, share and exchange data safely with the aid of its App (operating system). While wearing this device (cicret bracelet), one can read his or her mail, check weather conditions, play music, answer calls and more anywhere irrespective of the weather.

This wearable electronics known as cicret bracelet is designed and developed as a waterproof wearable device, able to project the image of a Smartphone’s UI within your wrist, as it transfers the response of a touch screen into a perfect touch skin. The ‘Pico Projector’ on the device is used to project a tablet or Smartphone interface on the arm, which functions along with proximity sensor (emits an electromagnetic beam which looks for change field or return signal when the hand is placed). This helps to stop one of the eight (8) sensors and sends information back to the processor.

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Still analyzing its features, the functional description memory card functions as its storage device, this is equally available in the Smartphone device. The LED is used to sense the action of a user, which is directed to the proximity sensor, while its vibrator helps to alert the user of new emails, calls and so on. The device Wi-Fi component connects the user to the network and through its USB port, the battery can be charged.

The price of this wearable device starts at three hundred dollars ($300).

Cicret bracelet

Cicret bracelet could be worn anywhere and at any time irrespective of the weather, even in a pool, bathroom or under the rain and the reason is that it’s structured waterproof. This impressive technology stands out to eliminate a number of inconveniences experienced by Smartphone users. Lastly, kudos to Cicret team from us here at, indeed it’s a huge technological breakthrough.

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