CleanseBot. World 1st Smart Electronics Bacteria Killer!



A CleanseBot robot is a robotic machine recently developed to disinfect household and personal electronics such as your bed sheets, pillowcase, mattress, and Smartphones from bacteria with the aid of its ultraviolet lights, as the bacteria is sensed as unwanted pathogens. This robot cleaner has the basic function of sanitizing your bedding, properly designed with eighteen (18) artificial intelligence (AI) backed smart modes that automatically enables it to clean your bed, while its four ultraviolet (UV) lights sanitize the bed and the air in that room.

This robot was not only designed to disinfect bed sheets, pillowcase, mattress and air from bacteria but can be deployed to disinfect individual’s electronic gadgets, such as Smartphones and laptops. ‘CleanseBot’ could be seen as a great companion while embarking on a trip, especially when one is not certain of the hotel’s level of hygienic practices. 

Full production of ‘CleanseBot robot’ is scheduled this month of April 2019 as earlier announced by the company responsible of its mass production, currently, the product is only available in white but due to demand, a black sample from the factory is expected to emerge before the end of the product’s campaign.

‘CleanseBot robot’ is made of Li-Lon battery, which is expected to be charged four (4) hours with the aid of its USB-C charging cable, however, the device battery is built with three (3) hours run time-based on the selected mode. When the ‘CleanseBot robot’ is powered to function under the blanket mode, its power button is press once to enable it for thirty (30) minutes and twice for sixty (60) minutes. Meanwhile, the ‘CleanseBot robot’ is designed with three (3) cleaning modes, which are under blanket mode with a climbing feature, handheld mode and lastly is the portable power bank mode. These modes help an individual determine the best mode and on the areas, this robot is to be deployed effectively.

It’s been proven ultraviolet –C (UV-C) light is capable of killing 99.99% of bacteria, germs, prevent airborne viruses or diseases and equally dust mites. Importantly to note, is why ‘CleanseBot robot’ is structured with four (4) UV-C lights, two facing down and the other two facing up with each lamp emitting 1500µW/cm2. Amazingly, this robot confidently cleanses under pillows and edges of beds irrespective of its size.

In the meantime, they are questions of risk as regards prolonged exposure of the human body under ultraviolet light. A study has it that disinfecting lamps should not result to dangerous issues such as cancer, equally since your skin will not be exposed for a long time under ultraviolet light while using it on handheld mode, it only allows the lights facing down to be turned on in order to avoid ‘UV-C’ emission to the eyes.

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