COMMERCIAL MOTORCYCLE, Self-Unemployed A Target!

commercial motorcycle as a source of living is one major reason people are thrown into prisons on regular basis


Commercial motorcycle

To ensure all hope isn’t lost, some citizens engaged themselves with commercial motorcycle operations to ensure there is food on the table. However, considering their mode of operation it’s understood there should be control or regulatory measures put in place to ensure this area of transportation business is eco-friendly, which could’ve been the trajectory of things. But that isn’t the case, instead, it’s a story of concern viewed from the point of societal fairness and human rights denial.

Funny enough, there isn’t a word about it in the press release, yet exploitation is at its peak. However, there are traffic laws and regulations that serve as checks over the use of motorcycles on the roads precisely for commercial purposes. But the concern here is, why these categories of unemployed are viewed as an object of a potential target. And what is the rationale?

To make ends meet, it became necessary that these citizens move in this direction, this saw motorcycles commercialized which are deployed to transport individuals including deliverable items. However, not only have these motorcycles been deployed for this purpose which eventually became a substitute for unemployment. It’s also evident, that it ensures harsh financial outcomes aren’t the case, as such, the need to face the challenges and the risks eventually becomes the answer to the situation that is before them daily. 

Looking at the looming unemployment rate, it’s obvious this has made things uneasy for many, precisely the industrious and creative ones. Given this, one could see that it’s rather unfair to have these sets of citizens seeking their bread behind bars, simply because of societal denial. However, it goes to show, a bunch of factors isn’t clear as regards the subject. On the other hand, looking at the current climate, there isn’t a sign the rights to citizens’ basics would be addressed anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the subject concern (commercial motorcycle) has left some of us with multiple questions. Is their patriotic act and service seen as a concern for cities like Lagos or could it be that several traffic rules are breached daily? However, it should be noted that the motorcycles in question were either acquired or hired by these youths and adults, yet the law enforcement officials such as the police have not restrained from doubling down in making sure anyone apprehended precisely by dodgy police, goes behind bars. Nonetheless, the permutation behind throwing one into prison has remained unclear.

It may interest you to know that these commercial motorcycle operators otherwise known as ‘Okada’ one way or the other have lost hope in the system they found themselves, but somehow manage to acquire these motorcycles which serve as their tools and ‘offices’. Some, on the other hand, operate based on hire purchase, while some hire motorcycles daily.

 “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President or any other public official.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Howbeit, to wrap things up here, it will be fair to leave you with a case. But before that, it was also figured out based on the observation that the citizens in question are often required to part with something (purchase tickets issued by LG officials and other self-acclaimed road-side hustlers) aim to enable their daily operation, yet there isn’t a word about it in the press release that some of these commercial motorcycle operators are graduates who gave into such adventure to ensure all hope isn’t dashed.  

Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty.” ― Henry David Thoreau


You may not be clarified yet, but am certain Aminu’s case will certainly give a clearer picture of this subject.

This victim, who resides in Lagos, aged between the range of eighteen and early twenties, had hailed from the Northern part of the country, this time, not educated. However, in one of my prison visits, he narrated his ordeal. According to him, it all happened while going about his business in this regard (commercial motorcycle operation) and on this particular occasion had two passengers on board, though not at night. Unfortunately, in a bid to make that trip a smart one, he decided to navigate his way via a street he wasn’t familiar with, which eventually turned out a street that had a police station.

That was rather the least he had predicted, suddenly along the axis, he got stopped by a set of policemen. Yet, the subject victim thought the situation would’ve turned out positive and predicted the least, but unknown he had a lot coming. Eventually, it all became clearer when he was asked to let go of his passengers and had his motorcycle impounded. And what was the calculus, he had two passengers on board.

The whole story eventually became clear when he was told he was faced with two options – a fine of five thousand Naira (#5,000) or forfeit his motorcycle. Should he fail to meet up with the fine! His motorcycle would be moved to a different police unit.  However, reports have it that non-compliance with police immediate demand had equally seen some victims end up in prison.

  • So, what’s your take on commercial motorcycle operators’ concerns?