Communication Bridge, A Concern Beyond Broken Line

Communication bridge


Honestly, issues like Communication Bridge haven’t at any time been viewed as a serious concern except lately, which is dependent on its gravity. This is because the subject concern could occur due to human failure or circumstances that may not be considered serious. But that isn’t the case this time, since a silly mistake like this may not be ignored or overlooked by one of the concerned parties especially when such an attempt is linked with business.

Yet, issues like the subject could breach societal rules, if one may ask how! Often considered a lack of responsibility or silly mistake is equally viewed as a deliberate attempt to breach a communication line, as such, outright violation, which could in obvious situations mean blowing things out of proportion. Since break-in communication practically has enormous effects on interpersonal relations, the same could also result in incarceration when several factors go wrong.

When it comes to the business of property handling including the workplace, communication remains vital in all circumstances. However, one issue of obvious concern is the potential outcome of communication barriers that could occur between employees and clients. For instance, when it comes to property leasing services, some factors could introduce fear and dissatisfaction, which in the process could boil down to some calculation. This could create negative feedback that may be misunderstood by any of the concerned parties, precisely when situations seem to be unclear. Also to note is when a vacuum is created between a workforce where solid communication and relationship should have been the case.

The two words information’ and ‘communication are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things.  Information is giving out; communication is getting through”. – Sydney J. Harris

Author: Susan Cullen

It will also be fair to state that our subject focus (communication bridge), could trigger a lot of concern precisely when the need for communication proves difficult, which has in some cases led to irrational responses often seen from any of the concerned parties.

In another dimension, it’s also known that our subject concern could also be used as a tool of punishment, in recent time have ensured that several vulnerable individuals were not spared from the consequential outcome which ensured they have their fair share behind bars, while sadly to be more specific is its unlawful occurrence. Therefore, at this juncture, it will also be a nice thing to leave this submit with a case else all attempt turns a misfire.


The subject inmate courageously narrated his ordeal in one of my prison visits. And why is he behind bars? It will surprise you to know that his crime was the fact that he could have ensured a client’s car, which was in his possession was parked within his boss’s workshop, yet due to security concerns, he thought the opposite and drove home the car, since the subject car was a recently imported used car and also because he is the only one eligible to drive. Although their primary function is to ensure that cars imported in that state are thoroughly washed, according to him the outcome could have been a different story as he thought since they spent the whole day waiting for the owner after they were done with the needful but failed to show up. However, he needed to ensure the vehicle since it was the weekend. Which, unfortunately, over the weekend it all became a different affair after he fell sick, hence, couldn’t make it to work on Monday as expected, yet issues couldn’t have been badly shaped if his mobile line wasn’t out of coverage. So all efforts to get across to him by his boss and colleagues proved difficult, this made the owner of the subject car do the opposite having believed the vehicle could’ve been stolen.

In the event of such an outcome, his boss and colleagues of the subject victim were arrested since they hadn’t knowledge of Victor’s location. However, Victor eventually drove back the subject car to the workshop just after the day the police had arrested every other person, with that, he moved quickly to the police station after he was told what had happened to others, there he met them including the complainant.

Nonetheless, it all turned dramatic when he was apprehended by the police, and in the process, the police made clear no one would leave the cell including the subject car except if bail demand was met. However, the complainant declared him innocent after Victor was heard. Yet on a sad note, the police bluntly refused and demanded that everyone will have to pay 10,000 Naira each, which also included the subject car. Unfortunately, the primary victim couldn’t raise the fine, moreover, he pleaded to pay 5,000 Naira but the police refused and had him locked up in a cell since no one came to his rescue. Eventually, that was how Victor ended up in a medium prison facility where he had spent three months at the time of my visit.

  • Are you aware that Issues like communication bridge could get one imprisoned?