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The Conservative leadership race has gotten to its peak, with some members (voters) of the Party already issued two (2) ballots papers. According to reports, this is to enable them to vote for the next Prime minister and the Conservative Party leader.

An indication from a party insider proved estimation above one thousand eligible voters could be affected, and while in the process, voters are warned not to vote twice if it happens such member will be expelled. While on the other hand, the two contestants made some publications, Boris Johnson unfolded his crime policy, while Jeremy Hunt made it clear that cuts on policing had gone too far.

According to BBC Radio 4 on the Conservative leadership, it is understood some members have received two (2) ballot papers, while another dimension, party members who live and work in the different constituencies could have joined local Conservative Associates in those areas. While it’s equally understood, ballot papers have been dispatched to over one hundred and sixty thousand (160,000) party members within the country to choose between Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson, based on the next prime minister and the Party leader.

Reports coming from BCC proved evidence of duplicate ballots papers that have been issued to the same person with the same address. While there are suggestions that change of names, after marriage may also affect some members. Speaking of the Conservative leadership, an independent body hire along the Conservative Party with a primary goal of scrutinizing the running of its leadership election as of the time of this report were unable to state how many ballots papers had been issued in error

In a statement, the Party said, “The ballot holds clear instructions that members voting more than once will be expelled”. Members’ vote closes on the 22nd July, while the result announcement comes the next day.

Meanwhile, it is understood ‘Boris Johnson has plans to end conditions of early release of violent offenders and in order to address the causes of crime coupled with a review of youth center provision. An ally of Mr. Johnson ‘Mr. Duncan Smith’ said the police need to be given “the capabilities to do their job”, with an increase in the number of police officers. And when he was questioned about Mr. Johnson’s intent to fund twenty thousand (20,000) extra police office he said, “We’ve had to put the economy right from the terrible Labour crash that took place in 2007, but we are very much now back on track”.

In another dimension, Mr. Hunt, while addressing the conference made it clear that the government cuts had gone extreme on social care and policing. Also said, “I have been clear that we do have some headroom in our national finances that would allow us to find extra funding for those public services”.

In the same vein, he also said he, “though he could” match Boris Johnson’s plan to recruit extra 20,000 police officers. But Sir Patrick hinted on their focus, as he said a “broad brush of people’s right across the whole party” has stepped forward to support Jeremy Hunt.  

There are concerns over the voting process, regarding campaign chairmen for the two candidates. Mr. Johnson’s campaign chairman ‘Lain Duncan’ responds on the voting said he had, “already been asked to look carefully at how they sift” ballots. While on the other hand, Jeremy Hunt’s campaign chairman ‘Sir Patrick McLoughlin’ made it clear he received two ballot papers, based on Conservative leadership process, said, “It doesn’t mean I vote twice, I don’t”, and when asked if the duplicate ballots should be policed, he added, “It is right there on the ballot paper saying you must only vote on one occasion and I expect people to do that”.

  • Who will emerge winner of the Conservative leadership race?

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