CONTEMPT, A Huge Crime Against A Law Court!



There is often this saying that – ignorance is an excuse, yet not applicable in a law court. Should defendants exercise their knowledge, this of course could be viewed as contempt of the law. A deliberate act of a defendant seen as sending back the park of a court’s charges, and more significantly towards the presiding judge and the officers of the law court, hence, a prove of non-guilty beyond the knowledge of a judge hasn’t helped in executing judgment, rather, it has ensured the calculus of such defendants aren’t shaped beyond the walls of jails.

Moreover, it’s also a known fact that an act of disrespect towards a presiding judge hasn’t at any time assured defendants of their fair hearing and justice in any law court. And this is because the subject measure put in place by the law court is aimed at deterring the capabilities that could put the court at risk from all vectors, and in all domains. Yet, for some of us, the subject concern is rather considered as an effort of a bold step while arguing their case precisely when charges raised against doesn’t seem to be in the positive path of its trajectory.

Funny enough, it’s been noted that the court officials precisely the presiding judge based on findings hasn’t at any time speared any defendant that despised the judge during the court proceedings even as judges ensure they’re not restrained from doubling down in this trajectory. On the other hand, when the situation proves to be very difficult precisely when the proceeding climate proves to be very unfavorable for the defendant particularly the learned, which in some cases if not for all occasions the elites are forced to exercise their knowledge and competence right before the nostrils of the judge, yet in a rude and embarrassing manner.    

Just as people behave to me, so do I behave to them. When I see that a person despises me and treats me with contempt, I can be as proud as any peacock”. – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Honestly, we should also know it’s quite another matter when a defendant decides to drift from the position of the right-to-fair hearing in order to prove to the law court that in truth – before the court lies a legal practitioner, though a defendant. This is because a lawyer cannot be a judge in his own case. So to put things nicely down, one is expected to be polite as courtesy demands regardless of their social status.

Lastly, before we’re braced with a case. It’s evident there isn’t another way to say this as it will interest you to know that lawyers are equally incarcerated over the same crime, and this has been traced to lack of self-control. Should this happen, the penalty isn’t anywhere below six months imprisonment. Albeit, regarding our usual menu, at this point we will take a look at a case.


The subject victim this time is no other, other than a legal practitioner. Barrister Vincent actually had a fracas with the police that evolved over an issue, bearing in mind that he’s a lawyer, he felt he shouldn’t be toiled with, and this led to his arrest. Eventually, during the court proceeding Vincent lust it and interrupted the judge.

Owing to the fact that he had already lost it, he didn’t restrain from doubling down, yet he went ahead and embarrassed the presiding judge and his officers while trying to defend himself. Since the issue had gained momentum, he was charged with contempt of the law. Although that was the least outcome he expected, the judge felt insulted as yet “another matter” and he was made to face the consequence of his action – six months behind bars.

  • Are lawyers not awear of this crime (contempt)?