CYCLONE FANI. Makes Its Landfall Into Indian Coastline!


Cyclone Fani

Cyclone Fani made its first landfall on Friday 3rd May 2019 into the eastern coastline, the cyclone which occurred in India is considered most severe storms to have hit the region in recent years, bringing torrential rains and winds up to 200 kilometers per hour (200 km/h), according to reports it could reach 210 kilometers per hour (210 km/h).

Prior to cyclone Fani landfall, officials of the eastern state of Orissa evacuated more than one million people, while at its initial stage, two persons were reported killed by the storms in the state. However, flooding was also reported in several areas, storms surge from weather forecast prove it could threaten low-lying buildings.

India’s early warning and rapid response of evacuating more than one million people were applauded by experts and the United Nations, her response helped reduce the loss of life from the deadly cyclone. The storm which tore into the coastal state on Friday left the eastern coast battered.

Cyclone Fani recently advanced with its devastation across Odisha, home to forty-six (46) million people, and extended its havoc towards Bangladesh, where it forced massive evacuation and killed at least thirty four (34) people. The majority, killed are within the age of 21, resident in Puri. According to reports, the death toll could rise.

Its initial development led to numerous flights and train services in and out of the state hit by cyclone fani to be canceled. Commercial activities and operations at three (3) ports on India’s eastern coast have been shut down, also government offices and schools are reported shut.

Bad weather conditions within the affected area led to poor communication, this has made it difficult for relief officials to contact rescue teams in Puri, location of the 12th century Jagannath temple, equally damaged by cyclone Fani impact. At first one was not sure of its trajectory due to different predictions from agencies, not until twenty-four (24) hours of its landfall a reporter said.

According to statistics, cyclone Fani led to one of the biggest human evacuations in history, 1.2 million people were evacuated in twenty-four 24 hours.

The fishing village of Penthakata, located in Puri was battered by the storms, leaving corrugated roofing sheets scattered on the ground. Infrastructures for power distribution and telecommunications in Puri are equally damaged. Relief materials are urgently needed by affect persons, kindly assist residents of Puri and Bangladesh.

•        What’s next for Puri residents after cyclone Fani havoc?

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