CYCLONE IDAI. LIVE: As It Wreaks Mozambique Apart!


Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai has wreaked havoc in Mozambique, neighboring countries, Malawi and Zimbabwe inclusive. But the cyclone’s impact was felt more in Mozambique, sweeping from her coastal regions. Hundreds have been killed by ‘cyclone Idai’, while many sustained injuries.

‘Cyclone Idai’ made its first landfall four days ago with heavy rainfall and violent wind moving at a speed of one hundred and ten meters per hour (110mph), sweeping everything on its way. Residential houses, power stations were left without a roof, while buildings and roads where submerged under flood. The port city of Beira was terribly hit by ‘cyclone Idai’ as it made its way inland at a wind speed of one hundred and seventy kilometers per hour (170Kph), Idai had Beira wrecked with buildings smashed, houses without a roof, this on a sad note put lives of millions in danger.

Cyclone Idai

A doctor speaking of her experience as she reports on the state of things in the city said, buildings are left without a roof, the power station is currently without covering. This has left survivals of this cyclone without electricity supply, and of course, access to basic amenities has been cut off. About ninety percent (90%) of the region has been destroyed with more than one thousand people feared dead. Based on statistics, three hundred people have been confirmed dead, many injured as of the time of this report. Rescue operations have been in progress with the aid of helicopters and boats. Rescue teams intensified their effort by moving people to the first dry land in three days with the aid of helicopters.

Hundreds are still missing across Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, many are left with misery, and currently, survivals of affected regions are faced with no water, food and power supply. This has led to three (3) days national mourning, according to the United Nations, Idai’s impact on the region is seen as the worst cyclone ever to have hit the region.

Streets are seen covered with debris and floods, while a resident from Mozambique, the survival of ‘cyclone Idai’ said, sheet metals from the roof were cutting people as some tried to escape. Port city of Beira and its surrounding area have been destroyed.

Elsewhere in Zimbabwe, the cyclone triggered the massive flood that swept away hundreds of homes.

Pedro Matos (Emergency coordinator, world food program) responding on the level of disaster, said “they are at the point of rescuing people with floodwater at their neck and getting them over to a place of their ankle, and those that are stranded. Medical teams are not even at the point where they can render medical aids”. While on a sad note, those that are drowned are expected to remain there for many days, and these include people and animals, the area is said to be inaccessible at the moment.

People had to climb up trees to escape floodwater in some regions, rescue teams are struggling to get to flood-hit areas, as they manage to evacuate some people, tireless rescue teams doing a great job in the dark.

It is understood food aids are currently entering the region without flood, while some areas are faced with mass burial.

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