DAVID GAUKE HINTS, On Brexit Knife-Edge Vote. Live!


David Gauke Hints
David Gauke

David Gauke hints are in view of the MPs’ intention to use the parliamentary vote to stop a no-deal Brexit that has failed lately. While on the other hand, the opposition party ‘Labour’ in its attempt to allow backbenchers to take control of the house timetable, but the attempt was defeated by the government last month, assuming it was passed, could have allowed a bill opposing no-deal to be passed favorably. However, it was observed last week, the Speaker of the house refused a ‘Dominic Grieve’ amendment that would have practically prevented the incoming prime minister proroguing parliament in an attempt to facilitate a no-deal Brexit. Prior to this, Dominic Grieve lost on two (2) other amendments attempt. But, managed to win a vote, also added that the government would have to publish fortnight reports in the autumn on the progress towards restoring power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland. Though he acknowledged that the move on its own would not practically stop an autumn prorogation, but hoped peers will step it up in the Lord.

It is understood, the previous night the house of commons did step up on the original Grieve proposal, which was done by passing an amendment, adding there would be debates on those fortnight presentations mandated by Grieve. It could be figured out from David Gauke hints, another question is, whether this could withhold a new MP proroguing parliament is an issue of debate, however, it is aimed at providing stronger legal grounds peradventure a court challenge against a decision to prologue.

Responding to David Gauke hints, it was made clear, today the government will try to reverse the decision to prologue in the house of commons, also understood at one point it is just a dispute based on a narrow procedural amendment, eventually has become a contest about whether or not, parliament may have the political will to contemplate a no-deal Brexit. In his response to how MPs voted the previous week and judging with the outcome, he believed the government should have a winning chance, but with the outcome of last night’s report, ‘Nicholas Watt’ made it clear in his report that some pro-European cabinet ministers intend resigning in order to vote against the government. And he twitted:

Breaking: I have learnt that some cabinet ministers are giving serious consideration to resigning tomorrow to vote in favour of preventing the next prime minister from suspending parliament. No final decisions made yet on resignations”.

BBC Newsnight also twitted:

It would be to support a possible vote in parliament that would effectively block the next prime minister from suspending parliament” – in line with rumours emanating from ‘Nick Watt’ political editor.

This morning, the justice secretary bluntly refused to take a u-turn over rebelling on the issue, though he didn’t state categorically that he will resign. But had told the The programme that he is yet to make up his mind, neither has he said he wasn’t going to support the government. And when he was asked, he said:

I will have to see what the precise amendments are and we are hearing what the whipping will be and the arguments for that so I’m not in a position to necessarily say”.

“But what I would say is the idea that parliament should be suspended in October – a period where it always sits, parliament has always in recent years sat at that time of year”.

“And at a crucial point in this country’s history if you like that parliament should not be able to sit, should not be able to express its opinion and its will, I think would be outrageous”.

“I very much doubt that any prime minister would, in fact, suspend parliament in these circumstances but I can understand the concerns that a lot of my colleagues have”. With David Gauke hints, he expects to be sacked by the new prime minister.

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