DEPUTY SPEAKER, Resigns Political Office. Breaking News!


Deputy Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, Ugonna Ozuruigbo, has actually resigned from his position.

The ongoing political drama and power tussle at the Imo state House of Assembly on Thursday took a new twist, as the deputy speaker, Ugonna Ozurigbo tendered his resignation letter.

The deputy speaker’s resignation came less than 24 hours after 21 out of the 27 State served an impeachment notice on the speaker, Acho Ihim and the leader, Lugard Osuji, after suspending them.

The Chinedu Offor (Onuimo) the acting speaker and Lloyd Chukwuemeka (Owerri North) the new leader, that the two (2) suspended officers unparliamentary conduct by leaving with the mace during the Wednesday’s plenary.

The resignation letter dated May 15 was seen in Owerri on Thursday which was received by the Clark of the state House of Assembly on May 16.

The letter of resignation which Ozurigbo personally signed was to the speaker and members of the state House of Assembly.

Ozurigbo in the paragraph letter of resignation stated the reason for his resignation that he was resigning to enable him to function well as a member-elect of the House of Representatives.

The Deputy Speaker letter of resignation states, “As you already know, I have been sent to another four years mission by my federal constituency in Imo State, at the federal House of Representatives, Abuja.”

“This new task has come with its own and expectations and challenges, especially to play key roles in the formation of the National Assembly leadership, and time to strategically position, to pursue the greater interests of Imo state, SouthEast and Nigeria, at the federal legislature. Currently, for these reasons, my availability in Imo state will be periodic.”

“Hence, I seek your undertaking as I either save the office of Imo state Deputy Speaker by resigning or allow my new engagements to suffer the office of Imo state Deputy Speaker by holding same tenaciously.”

“Thus, for your efficiency and the good of Imo people, I hereby resign as the Rt Hon. Deputy Speaker of Imo state House of Assembly (8th House), which takes effect with the above date.”

As the quest for political position unfolds with its drama, citizens are left with unanswered questions.

  • What next as the Deputy Speaker resigns office?

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