DHL AFRICA eSHOP, Expands To More 13 African Countries!


DHL Africa eShop

DHL Africa eShop has expanded to 13 additional countries within the continent of Africa, seen as a strategic move to establish the company’s shipping dominance via its e-commerce platform and also to compete favorably with other online retail stores.

Some months ago, it was reported that the company had 9 markets in addition to the already existing ones, while the second phase of the company’s approach in expanding its Africa’s eShop is the recent step taken by DHL, this week. It is also understood the company has plans to establish its global presence in all 53 countries in Africa through its Africa eShop business platform.

DHL Africa eShop is designed to enable its app platform to purchase goods directly from websites that have established its partnership with its global app, which operates on a startup platform –

Meanwhile, countries recently added to the company’s Africa eShop includes Niger, Angola, Sudan, Benin, Ethiopia, Namibia, Chad, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Lesotho, Togo, and Zimbabwe. Currently, the company’s e-commerce platform can be accessed in 34 African countries.

According to reports from the CEO of MallforAfrica ‘Chris Folayan’ explained that African eShop expansion shows that the newly included markets by DHL were formally left behind, and as such have not experienced the benefit of e-commerce and direct online purchase from giants like Amazon or Macy’s. We understand this is also a strategy that will enhance the ‘DHL Express courier service’ that has been existing within Africa.

In a bid to attract more users to its online app service, DHL Africa eShop has come up with a strategy to entice its first-time digital users.

We will be launching with a promo, buy any five items from over 100 retail partners and get a $20 flat shipping fee. This is DHL’s way of showing they are dominant in shipping and e-commerce in Africa”.

While in another dimension, it’s observed MallforAfrica platform has created a competitive atmosphere between Jumia and DHL. Jumia currently renders its online service across 14 countries in Africa, with its headquarter in Lagos. While, a question regarding ‘Africa’s Largest Online Shopping Platform’ has been asked, and Jumia answered by saying:

We believe that our platform is the largest e-commerce marketplace in Africa”.

Since DHL went live with its digital app some months ago, it created an avenue for Africans to reach out to a good number of US and UK sellers. While it’s understood the company has integrated local fintech as its payment option, such as Paga and M-Pesa.

In addition, the CEO of MallforAfrica ‘Chris Folayan’ also spoke as regards competing with Jumia.

We are not focused on competing with Jumia, but in a way, it’s starting to happen as a result of our expansion and growth”.

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