Dual-Screen Surface Phone

Microsoft announced a Dual-Screen Surface phone in its event held lately in New York, while other tech giants like Samsung and Huawei at the moment focused on foldable screen devices, Microsoft on its own pulled a surprise in a different dimension. This is also the company’s way of getting back into mobile devices, however, it’s two connected displays unlike, foldable screens.

This implies Dual-Screen Surface phone is designed to present its users with new and different experiences from that foldable screen, but that isn’t a bad idea. Unlike Galaxy Fold and other upcoming foldable screen devices, Surface second screen is designed typically for control and typing.

Amazingly, Microsoft isn’t launching the phone yet but will be due next year’s holiday. This is also a way of giving the developers enough time to create unique apps for the dual-screen experience. At this point, one would anticipate numerous changes including the device name based on the time it’s to be launch officially could be witness, though there was a high level of specification revealed by Microsoft at the event.

A device of a 5.6-inch screen with a total of 8.3 inches of space, meaning it will practically allow comfortable thumb-typing and in turn, create space for multitasking. While on the other hand, the device can fold 360 degrees to help users take phone calls.

This time, this Microsoft device (Dual-Screen Surface phone) will not run on Windows OS, rather the company is partnering with Google, this means the dual-screen phone will run on Android. However, the Product Manager ‘Panos Panay’ made it clear that the device is “not a phone, it’s a Surface”.

This will certainly interest those that will use this device when it eventually becomes available in the market, a more standard foldable version it will be. Also, when the dual-screen is compared with a foldable, its advantage could be figured out, is that the dual-screen can fold 360 degrees in both directions.

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