ELROY AIR COMPLETES, 1st Flight As Large Cargo VTOL!


Elroy Air Completes

An air transport startup – Elroy Air completes its first vertical take-off and landing craft exercise, the company’s objective is to transform bulk air cargo shipping with its aircraft ‘Chaparral’, which will be able to carry 250 pounds of cargo over a distance of 300 miles, precisely its firstgeneration prototype.

The aircraft with a total area weight of 1,215-pounds is a precise scale testing model proposed by the company as commercial Chaparral system to be deployed. However, Elroy Air is a startup founded by experienced professionals that have worked with the uncrewed aerial system back in 2016. The first test flight which took place in McMillan Airfield, California was controlled with the aid of a remote by the company’s lead pilot. In the process, the VTOL attained a flight height of 10 feet with a sustained suspension of about a minute before landing with its controlled system.

According to analysts as Elroy Air completes its first VTOL performance, reports have it that a specific approach taken by Elroy Air is the hybrid-electric power trains deployed for its cargo aircraft, which is understood will enable the aircraft travel longer distances coupled with the fact that it is fully electric. The engine design promises better efficiency, unlike engines designed with an internal combustion system.

Meanwhile, it’s equally understood Elroy Air has been able to raise 9.2 million dollars from its funding back in February. But have been mute about it, rather is focused on its prototype coming to life. However, a report from the company’s CEO ‘David Merrill’ states that the startup’s goal is to “decouple air cargo from airports”. What this implies is that there is a potential handling switch of a small cargo plane to a big VTOL task for air freights.

Speaking of the aircraft’s functionality, it is also understood it’s designed with pre-packed pods, aimed at an easy and fast way of switching cargo for a different shipment and voyage. While further tests are expected of its prototype, equally, the company is also looking at small commercial services from next year, based on what its team is able to achievement.

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